Muay Thai

Best Focus Mitts in 2022: For Boxing & Muay Thai

Boxing pads come in many different styles and sizes, which can make it difficult to know what pad you should choose. 

Focus mitts are the most common and popular kind of boxing pad that can really improve your skill and technique. Their main purpose is to help a fighter work on their defense, footwork, speed, and accuracy.

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Best Boxing Gloves for Heavy Bag in 2022: Tried & Tested for Heavy Bag

If you want to train safely using your heavy bag, then it is a no-brainer that you should also choose suitable boxing gloves for it.

Heavy bag gloves are made differently compared to other types of boxing gloves to meet the specific needs of heavy bag training, which requires more padding to protect you from the risks of injury caused by punching a firm and dense bag.

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Best Muay Thai Pads in 2022: Best Mitts for Training in 2022

Muay Thai pads provide the ideal way to deliver strikes during training without damaging or causing injuries to the holder. 

They are used to absorb the impact of any punches, kicks, or knees you throw at your sparring partner so you can train at full power and potential.

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