10 Best Boxing Speed Bag Swivels: In 2020

Best sped bag swivels 2019

A good speed bag swivel is an important term for you if you are a fitness fan or have a keen interest in boxing.

Generally a speed bag it will not come with the swivel and so you will not be able to install the speed bag. Sometimes when we complain about the speed bag, we fail to realize that the swivel is the main issue.

Although when you hit the speed bag, the swivel leads to the movement in all directions with the motionless platform above that is attached to the board.

When purchasing a complete set of speed bag, the swivel is usually taken for granted and people tend to settle with a plastic and cheap swivel which does not move freely as the advanced stainless steel.

Though a very small accessory, but the performance of the speed bag is depended hugely on the swivel. They are not very expensive to be compromised and should be bought with priority. They will save a lot of frustration during training.

The swivel is the key component of the speed bag setup and science to itself. It is also the subject of much interest and debate in the speed bag world.

Types of Speed Bag Swivels

There are three types of boxing speed bag swivels, the Ball hook, the Chain link and the U-bolt style. 

Ball-Hook Swivel

They have been there for years now. They are the simplest and the oldest design. They are the noisiest swivel but yield the most accurate rebounds when punched on all sides.

The swivel base attaches to the board and the bottom hook attaches to the bag. It has five different parts and they are normally assembled when you purchase them. It comes with a hook, an eyebolt shaft, ball, ball housing and threads, set screw and 3mm metric ‘Allen’ wrench.

You should have the knowledge of the swivel because by any chance something happens to it, you will be able to fix it easily. Hook sizes and shapes have varied over the years. Today’s bag seems to have wider and thicker leather attachment straps.

So it is suggested to use a wider open ‘S’ shaped hook for the bag to move freely. Make sure that swivel is made out of tough and hard metal so that the hook does not widen due to repeated contact and movement of the speed bag.

Chain Link Swivel

Chain link swivels are the most common and standard way to hang the speed bag and are a favourite to gyms and health clubs. They are fast, quiet and tough. Like the ball-hook kind, they are also available in different sizes.

It comprises a base, swivel housing, bag attachment link, open link end, link locking clip and a snap ring pliers. If the locking clip is bent or broken or even lost, you can use a duct tape to wrap around the links.

But make sure to use a thin strip so that it does not stick to the metal housing above the link or the leather attachment loop of the speed bag. They are also most suitable for heavy speed bags.

U-Bolt Style

The U-Bolt style or the speed, precision swivel have been there for many years but fell out of favour for a number of years also.

They also come in several shapes and variations – mostly with the size and shape of ‘U’. They are very easy to manipulate and use. It consists of a base housing, ball bearings, locking pin, bolt-shaped as ‘U’ for bag attachment.

All the parts fit together easily and this swivel is most fast and efficient. But sometimes the speed bag can come off or float above the resting bar.

In that case, a few thin strips of Duct tape is wrapped around the bag loop to squeeze the loop together and hold it to the bar. 

When putting the tape, make sure that the bag is placed in the centre part of the bar to avoid warped rebound pattern. Also, take a note that the ‘U’ bar shape and size should not interfere with the bag attachment loop. It has to fit in the loop properly.

10 Best Speed Bag Swivels in 2019

TITLE Boxing Deluxe Speed Bag Swivel

Amazon has rated this title speed bag swivel to be the best speed bag swivel. It managed to dodge most issues related to the ‘U’ hook design. It has an impressive construction and allows smoother actions.

Title speed bag swivel has a hook that fits tightly and allows a faster and a cleaner movement of the speed bag hug from it. It has a heavy-duty, triple chrome plated construction and its inner ball bearings make very little noise.

The push pin style makes changing of speed bag a very easy task and hence it is definitely an upgrade to the painful process of changing a speed bag.

Please make a note that the width of the U-hook swivel may not be compatible with many speed bags. Therefore, note and compare the measurement before purchasing.

Everlast Professional Speedbag Swivel

This product is a huge upgrade to the standard swivel. It also called as the best speed bag swivel by many.

It is crafted in machines and the heavy- duty stainless steel construction is miles above the plastic products.

The ball bearing design of the speed bag swivel increases the speed and accuracy of the bag allowing it to have smooth movement. Unlike the title speed bag swivel, removing a speed bag or speed bag swivel mount can be a bit of a pain.

The pin takes a while to remove and you may even need pliers to get the job done. It is an amazing quality available at a reasonable price. The only reason, Amazon did not rank it to be number 1 is because of the time-consuming mounting mechanism. It comes with screws for mounting the speed bag.

TITLE Pro Speed Bag Swivel

We generally prefer ball-hook or u-hook designs for speed bag swivel mainly because they allow free and smooth movement and make less noise. However, the ‘TITLE Pro Speed Bag Swivel’ operates fairly smoothly.

This triple-chrome plated design with ball-bearing technology is sturdy and the swivel is well constructed. The chain link design allows fast action and good rebound. It clips on firmly and many sellers have claimed this product to be nearly theft-proof.

Unfortunately removing or mounting the speed bag can be tedious and requires pliers to do the work. Overall this, solid and sturdy piece of boxing equipment has a higher quality than many products similarly priced. It is cheaper than the ‘TITLE Boxing Deluxe Pro Swivel.’

Ringside Mexican Style Swivel

This stainless steel swivel is very durable has a cylindrical body of 1 inch attached which ensures smooth rebounds.

A push pin feature is also provided for convenient changing of speed bags. This swivel is a bit heavier than other similar products and users have found that it leads to slower movements than expected. Regardless, it is long-lasting and a well-performing one. If coupled with the perfect match speed bag, it can be a dynamite combination.

Many have also complained that the mounting holes do not match with the ones found on most speed bag platforms. In that case, you need to drill new holes to fit the speed bag swivel on your platform.

The mounting screws are included with the purchase and the push pin system makes changing speed bags a quick and a painful process.

TITLE Boxing Platinum Pro Swivel

At a first glance, this speed bag swivel is very similar to ‘TITLE Boxing Deluxe Pro Swivel.’ It uses the same inner ball bearing and also has a U-shaped bolt but this appears slightly lower than the TITLE Deluxe Pro swivel.

A lower bolt means the speed bag has a wider arc usually resulting in slow movement. The ‘TITLE Boxing Platinum Swivel’ has 3 mounting bolts instead of the standard 4 holed-mount.

This is also triple-chrome plated for extra durability and the pin can be easily removed so changing speed bags will take few seconds. This is a quality product but definitely not the best option. But it can perform the necessary functions. It is comparatively cheaper also.

RDX Speed Ball Boxing Hanging Swivel

This is another option of swivel for a speed bag. It has a lightweight design, which is which is durable and made of high-quality stainless steel. It is manufactured with quality bearings. It comes with a light weighted ball made of poly cotton materials. (4 layers)

Valor Fitness CA-9 Swivel for Speed Bag Platform

If you are looking for title speed bag swivel, you cannot just skip this one. It has a high-quality mounting faceplate, which is crafted with stainless steel. The tough body holds the speed bag properly and allows flexible movements.

It offers a screw on swivel head allowing you more flexibility. This title speed bag swivel is hugely popular because of its legibility and lower price tag. 

RDX Boxing Speed Bag Iron Heavy Duty Swivel

This is an elite class swivel and has a balanced speed and rhythm. It is crafted with excellent quality stainless steel as well as silver nickel plate. It consists a pin feature for the easy removal of bags. Its low ball bearings reduce friction and legibility.

This beautiful speedbag swivel is only available in black. It is popular for high grade pewter. It is iron coated and highly durable.

Besides, it is power coated along with anti-rust layers. It can carry 2 kgs easily and can be hung anywhere in the house or gym. The manufacture also offers suitable speed bag swivel mount.

Boxing Speed Bag with Swivel

This is undoubtedly a fantastic option too. This swivel comes with a bag, which is accurate for training purpose.

The speed bag swivel mount consists of a ball bearing swivel that makes mounting easy. The lightweight feature and its good rebounds also add to the plus point. This 14” bag (including 2” swivel) is manufactured by Trademark Innovations.

Ultra Pro Swivels for Heavy Bags and Speed Bags

This pro swivel is also crafted for the dedicated trainees. It is manufactured with heavy duty stainless steel. This one is a good option for a professional gym and home. Besides, this swivel for speed bag is used for multipurpose. You can use it as both handbags and speed bags.

Final Words

If you are interested in doing your boxing workouts at home, you need more than just a speed bag. A swivel and a backboard platform are also equally important for speed bag station.  

The first 3 options are perfect for one to have. Each of the three are reviewed to be the best speed bag swivel. It is advisable to take the help of a friend or someone to mount the speed bag. Nowadays one can follow the videos published on the internet for the better guidance too. Be sure to use proper fasteners for the type of wall you are mounting to.

Concrete walls require different screws and bolts than the wooden one. The platform should be mounted in such a way that the speed bag hangs to the chin level. Choosing the best swivel is most necessary.

Apart from the obvious durable stainless steel material of the swivel and the bag attachment loop of the speed bag to fit properly into the swivel, it is also beneficial for one to read the individual reviews to choose the best professional speed bag swivel. This will add to the extra bit of the knowledge too.

Hope the speed bag swivel reviews will help you to determine what is best for you. So, what is your preference?

6 Best Boxing Headgears for Nose Protection: In 2020

Boxing Headgear with nose guard

It is not possible to own a custom-made headgear but you should feel confident in your protective headgear.

Fighting is a stressful thing and you should not wear something that would distract or annoy you. Some headgear squeezes your head while others are too slippery and thus wobbly.

A very smooth inside lining does not allow the headgear to fit on your head properly. Sometimes, even the furry lining is hated because many find it to annoying, dirty and smelly because of the sweat that sticks to it. The ultimate punch protection is complete evasion.

Therefore, it is essential to be able to see properly. The advanced boxers rely more on good defensive techniques than heavy padding protection. Visibility is determined by the face protection.

All different models vary in the amount of padding and shape of the cheek protector. It is advisable to try all and choose the best that fits the best. Headgears are protective equipment so padding is very crucial.

Some headgear protects well against light punches but terrible against heavy punches. Therefore, harder cushions are always recommended. Different headgears vary in their coverage.

Mainly they protect the forehead, cheeks, chin and the back of the head. The exclusive ones are those with a boxing nose guard. There are many who uses this sparring headgear with nose guard for more protection.

However, certain sparring headgear with nose guard is not allowed to be used for competition as they are without the face bar. The latter ones are slimmer and lighter. But for training it is necessary to use the sparring headgear with nose protection that offers more protection.

In the process of learning new skills and tactics, it is expected that one will get hit. So, it is recommended to use boxing headgear with nose guard.

Best Boxing Headgears with Nose Guard

HeadgearOur RatingPrice
Cleto Reyes Headgear w/Nylon9.6/10Check Price
RDX Maya Hide Leather Boxing Headgear9.5/10Check Price
TITLE Boxing Face Protector Training Headgear 9.2/10Check Price
Winning FG-50008.9/10Check Price
Rival Guerrero Face Saver Headgear 8.8/10Check Price
Venum Elite Iron Headgear8.5/10Check Price

Cleto Reyes Headgear w/Nylon

Learners have rated this to be 9.9 out of 10 in terms of protection rating. It is highly durable and provides great visibility too. It is made out of genuine leather that fits well and this product wicks moisture incredibly well.

This nylon headgear is an upgraded model to the traditional version. The nylon bar is light and has dense padding.

It is positioned in such a way that it provides the best protection of face and nose. Originally homemade in Mexico and best for cushion protection because of the solid construction, it is available in various colours like white, gold and purple.

Even Amazon has rated this above many headgears for boxing. No doubt because of its exclusive qualities, it is definitely the best boxing headgear for nose protection.

RDX Maya Hide Leather Boxing Headgear

Carrying the protection rating of 9.5 out of 10, this offers very good protection with triple padding.

RDX is one of the lightest headgears of its class. It fits well and so it is comfortable and also provides good vision. It keeps punches away from head and nose for its great padding quality.

It has good durability and is made out of Maya hide leather. This product with great quality-price ratio is also highly recommended for sparring especially.

TITLE Boxing Face Protector Training Headgear

This excellent product with cushion rating 10 out of 10 and thus provides high protection.

With padded and moulded plastic face bar, it helps to protect the face from punches and strikes. It is lightweight and offers excellent visibility. It is comfortable and secured and fits most.

Moreover TITLE is one brand you can definitely rely on. It has a soft and smooth inside liner for easy wear and cure.

Winning FG-5000

Winning is a company known for its premium boxing equipment and is also a preferable choice for many professional athletes.

Apart from being lightweight and comfortable, its impressive padding also adds to the list. Though particularly one of the best options for face-saver boxing headgears, it also allows you to have a great vision.

It has a lace crown as well as laces on the back of the head. One of the unique features, is its chin strap that consists of a plastic clip in attachment unlike most that uses a metal buckle.

Suggested best for individuals seriously committed to training.

Rival Guerrero Face Saver Headgear

Rival Guerrero’s headgears are slick looking and are available in wide range of colours. It has thick large foam padding that saves one from accidental hits. This component is a brilliant choice for comfortability factor and has a plastic frame designed for better visibility. 

The all leather construction with synthetic leather interior with latex and rubitex padding brings out the best quality.

With the system of Velcro and loop it helps one to attach the product well to the face and head. Though a little bulkier and heavier, if you manage to get adjusted to it, it will seem a perfect choice for best fit and protection.

Venum Elite Iron Headgear

It is a handmade product from Thailand. This headgear has a tough and a sturdy exterior with high-quality stitching.

The combination of hard foam padding on the outside and the soft inside helps to brunt forces of hard strikes. The lightweight Elite Iron headgear has a brilliant and exceptional ear padding.

This product too uses a Velcro chin strap, unlike general metal buckles. If you really wish to have an attractive headgear that stands out than the rest, this is a perfect option for its physical appearance and is available in a number of colour options.

Final Words

Face saver headgears are most suitable for those who want to avoid bruises and black eyes. At the beginning of the training stage, everybody is willing to avoid being hurt.

As mentioned earlier, face saver headgears are known distinctively for the face bar that runs across the lower portion of the face.

Apart from the guaranteed protection that it covers, few factors like the overall visibility and weight can be a bit challenging because of the extra padding that it carries.

But the above mentioned best boxing headgears for nose protectionare crafted and constructed in such a way that it provides the best possible facilities to the learners.

Best Free Standing Punching Bag in 2020: With Reviews

best free standing punching bag

Standing punching bags are the best tool by which you can train easily at home. Designed to provide you with a stationary target to strike, it also helps you to practice a number of different techniques.

If you want to develop your techniques, precision, and stamina, you can opt for the best standing punching bag that you can easily buy online!

There are different types of heavy bags from which you can choose. The most common heavy bags are those which hang from the ceiling. But this takes a huge space and as well as an effort to set up.

This is when free standing punching bag comes into play. They are light weighted and are very easy to set!

These are not hung from the ceiling. As the name says they are not attached to anything except a bottom base.

As these bags are very light and movable they don’t give the same amount of resistance like the other heavy bags which are suspended for free movement.

When you strike these light weighted bags it bends back and then springs back to its original position.

These bags are ideal for kids or women or any light striker as a heavy striker will knock it out with one punch!

These free standing punching bags are very soft and thus it doesn’t hurt your knuckles when you hit the bag. That is why these bags are best for beginners also!

Things to Consider Before Buying Punching Bag

Size and weight

The most common complaint about standing punching bags is that they topple very easily! But you should always remember that these bags are not designed to take a huge impact.

You should understand the amount of punishment that it can resist by seeing the size and weight of the bag. When you buy a bag which is very light it will be knocked over just by one single punch! But you will also find some heavy weight standing punching bags also!

But stay cautious of inflatable bags! They are terrible as they offer almost no resistance! Don’t buy one else you have to throw it out!

Design and function

The next thing which you should look out is the type of design of the bag. You will find a number of bags which are only made for taking kicks or punches, while others are used for grappling dummies and they can be easily knocked out!

This is why you should know your need and then only go to buy it! You may need to work on your punches alone for which you should only buy punching bags which serves this purpose only. And if you want to train for karate or Taekwondo, Muay Thai you should buy bags which can sustain hard kicking.

Price and your training goals

These standing punching bags are not cheap at all! It mainly depends on the size and also the type of fill of the bag. Don’t be tempted seeing cheap bags because these are made for kids only!

Before buying a standing bag you should ask yourself that for what reason you need a bag, whether you are trying to upgrade your power or striking speed or stamina.  If you are training for Muay Thai you should go for a heavy bag and if you are not going to strike hard for a light one.

3 Best Standing Punching Bags

Century Versus Flight Simulator With 10184B Base

Century claims that they provide the most versatile product in the market. The base of this product is very low profile which allows you to throw low kicks.  You will find almost three times the surface area in these punching bags when you compare with others!

They are ideal for stand up as well as ground training also.

The base is filled with sand and it weighs around 100 lbs. The dimension is 60 *10 * 10 inches.

These bags are also good for MMA strikers who want to train with a grappling dummy.  The weight of the bag is ideal for light strikes. If you are looking for a free standing bag that you can hit and also use for grappling you must consider this bag. It is the ideal product for persons who don’t hit with good force!

Century BOB XL with base unit

If you want a free standing heavy bag you can go for BOB also! They look very realistic to give you more motivation! You can target to hit a specific part of the body also.

This makes these punching bags great as you can learn to concentrate to hit on specific parts at a time. These bags are also very easy to move as they can be rolled around. You can fill the base with 270 lbs of water or sand.

These bags are meant for heavy punches as they provide more resistance than other punching bags. People are known to use BOBS for traditional martial arts like Taekwondo and Karate.

These punching bags are made of high strength plastisol and are filled with urethane foam

These are ideal for you who want a heavy as well as a movable standing punching bag.

Century Wavemaster XXL Training Bag

This free standing bag is a very big punching bag! It provides you to hit the entire range of body! These bags don’t require any adjustment like other bags and it stands tall at a height if 69 inches.

It gives you an entire area to work on your motion. You can try out low as well as head kicks. But don’t try to hit the bag with a lot of force or else it will fall down. These bags are ideal for kids or people who are light hitters.

This bag is made up of vinyl which is very durable and is filled with foam. It weighs around 270 lbs. You can fill the base with water or sand. You will also get color options! The rounded base makes it easy to roll and to come back and stand at the correct place.

Final Words

A free-standing punching bag is for people who want an easy setup. If you want to improve your punching skills a good and durable bag is very much essential for you.

If you want to focus on your light weight training these bags are the best options that you can focus on. But if you want to improve more on your power you should go for hanging bags!

If you are novice start practicing with these bags and after that, you can shift to regular punching bags. Make sure that you check reviews of the bags before you buy. It helps a lot to understand your need and also the quality of the bag

What You Need to Start Boxing: Protective Gear for Boxing

Boxing is one of the best sports when it comes to gaining strength and staying in shape.

This sport requires physical and mental alertness, where it is important to develop strength and work on a hard punch. In this sport, the fighters are required to improve, refine and correct their responsiveness and co-ordination skills on a day to day basis.

And as fun as it may sound, boxing is one sport which belongs to those who are willing to survive the rough weather.

Even when one practices all by their own self, it is important to protect the body from any form of wear & tear which might happen due to striking a hard surface.

Protective Gear for Boxing

Boxing Gloves

Boxing gloves are one of the important things which every boxer should have. These gloves help reduce the impact on the opponent thereby cutting down on the chances of external cuts and bruises.

These gloves also protect the boxer from an awkward or a hard impact. The type of gloves depends on the purpose for which they are going to be used!

Boxing gloves can be divided into two parts- those used for training (for practicing using the punching bags) and those used for amateur or professional fights. While choosing boxing gloves, one needs to consider the following aspects-

Sparring or bag gloves

Both types of gloves have different purposes. Bag gloves protect the fighter and not the surface with which he/ she strikes. On the other hand, sparring gloves protect the fighter and the opponent. Ideally, everyone must carry these two different pairs of gloves whenever they begin with boxing

Weight of the Boxing Gloves

Depending on the type of gloves, the weight of the boxing gloves varies from 8 ounces to 16 ounces.

The heavier the gloves, the more would be the strain on shoulders and arms and slower would be the swing, but, a better impact. To begin with, ideally, 12-ounce gloves are best suited for punching. And as and how fighters move up the ladder in skillset and intensity, they can move to the heavier gloves.

Size of Boxing Gloves

When we talk about the size, the most ideal size is that which fits the hand tightly, but at the same time it is spacious enough to allow the hands to breathe and the blood to flow. The hands should completely enter the gloves and the fingertips should touch the top lining.

The material used for Boxing Gloves

The best quality gloves available currently is made up of cowhide leather. These gloves are quite durable and do not wear out easily. However, these gloves cost some money.

Synthetic gloves are also available, which are as good but tend to wear out easily. Due to the nature of the sport, it is advisable to always go for leather. For the padding, cotton, polyurethane or horsehair is used. For sewing, the glove, double threaded nylon should be used.

Velcro or Laces

Depending on the purpose for which the glove would be used, the fighter can make a choice between Velcro and laces. For bag punching, Velcro gloves would be ideal. However, for high-intensity fights, laces are more of an asset.

Boxing Hand-Wraps

Along with the gloves, boxers also wear the hand-wraps which protect them from joint damage and fractures. These hand wraps are made up of cotton and are 120 to 180 inches long.

Boxing Mouthpiece

During fights, to protect the teeth and also to ensure that the boxer does not accidentally bite his/ her tongue, a mouthpiece is used. The mouthpiece is something which should be custom made such that it fits perfectly, depending on the dental pattern.

Boxing Headgear

Headgear or the boxing helmet helps protect the fighter from scars and cuts. These helmets are important as they reduce the impact of the punches on the head which is one of the most delicate parts of the body.

Boxing Groin & Chest Protection equipment

Punches to the groin are not allowed as per the boxing rule. However, time and again such blows are received by the boxer accidently. With the groin protection equipment, kidneys, groins, lower abdomen, and liver are saved from the punches. For women, it is important to wear chest equipment to protect the breasts & the rib-cage area.

How to Use Focus Mitts to Improve Boxing Skills: A Basic Introduction

Focus Mitt

Punching mitts is one of the best ways to improve or develop defense techniques, fighting reflexes, fighting strategy and punching techniques.

Focus mitt is a great tool which helps the boxer fight well. Using focus mitt training, the boxer can not only learn speed and power, but can also master timing, accuracy, rhythm, style and strategy.  

The Use of Boxing Focus Mitts

Boxing training mitts are a recent invention. In the old days, the trainers would not make much use of the focus mitts.

However, with the several benefits that the mitts bring to the table, doing mittwork is something which is now a regular part of the routine for the boxers. The benefits of focus mitt drills are as follows:

  1. It is something which comes closest to an actual fight because it teaches the boxer how to handle maneuvers without actually being in a fight.
  2. It improves the punching skills when it comes to speed, power, timing, accuracy, endurance, and technique
  3. It improves the offensive skills with regards to the combinations and angles
  4. It improves the defensive skills with regards to blocking, rolling, parrying and slipping
  5. It improves skills such as strategy, footwork, counter punching and style

The focus mitts offer several advantages over the traditional mode of training. And these include-

  1. Helps the fighter work on his defense and offense simultaneously
  2. Stimulates the real fight and helps the fighter get used to dealing with a person who is constantly moving
  3. Help get useful feedback on posture, speed, strength, and timing from the trainer
  4. Helps practice different moves and styles

Boxing mitts workout can be fun and challenging when done with an experienced mitt holder. The mitt holder can mimic different opponents and their styles such that the boxer can learn and strategize his/ her defense, offense and counter punching. The mitts workout requires a lot of energy and coordination while helping the boxer practice hard.

Boxing Mittwork Theory

When we talk about training using mittwork, it is useful for developing fighting reflexes, rhythm, accuracy, timing and the skill for simultaneous offense and defense.

With mittwork training, boxers can hit the target at a controlled pace which will help him/ her spot the opportunities in offensive and defensive moves.

Mittwork training is different as compared to that of the speed bag. In the speed bag training, the fighter needs to hit the bag hard over and over again helping him get better with offensive techniques. However, it does not give any regard to defensive techniques. That’s where focus mitt training score over speed bag one, as in this, the defense too gets tested.

In mittwork training, as the target constantly keeps moving, the boxer learns how to maintain his/ her rhythm while trying to punch with accuracy and timing.

Here, it is not about how hard one can punch. It is more about how well and accurately can one punch while strategizing on the next move, to gain an upper hand over the opponent. 

Boxing Mitt Workout Methods

In order to improve the fighting skills using focus mitts, the boxer should try the following-

  1. Power drills: In this drill, the boxer punches the mitt with maximum power, maximum speed, and maximum intensity. This drill does not help in skill development but is a great workout. With this, the boxer can develop strength and can help him/ her develop a rhythm for a fast-paced match.
  2. Offense and defense drills: In this drill, the boxer does punching followed by defending. These moves go on alternatively and this drill helps stimulate the real environment. In this, the defense moves are abrupt and sudden and can catch the fighter off-guard. This method greatly develops the natural reflexes of a fighter.
  3. Rhythm drills: Using this drill, the boxer gets his/ her rhythm in place. With great rhythm, comes great footwork and with great footwork, comes great timing and power. This drill builds up the coordination and fighting reflexes. This drill helps the fighter make a split second decision.
  4. Pure defense drills: Defense is as useful as the attack in boxing. With mitt training, the fighter can develop a great defensive technique while trying to improve his/ her reflexes.
  5. Accuracy drills: With this drill, the fighter learns how to hit the target more often than not, even when it is moving. At the end of the day, it is not about how hard you hit, it is about how well and how often you hit.

How to Punch Faster: A Step by Step Guide Increase Your Punch Speed

Boxing is an art which requires both movement and form. It is the boxer’s power and agility which makes the sport fun to watch. Speed and mass combination is what gives the power to the punches in boxing. When we talk about the mass of the fists, we ideally cannot change it.

Hence, if we want to improve the power of the punches, we have to increase the speed. And this speed can only be improved through rigorous training and practice.

It should be noted that boxing is quite a difficult sport. In boxing, as it seems, it is not easy to punch your opponent, because the opponent is constantly moving and bouncing around while trying to punch you back.

Hence, to improve the skillset for boxing, it is important to focus on the following elements-

  • Head – You need to defend your head all the time against your opponent by swaying away or bending down at the hips.
  • Arms – Arms need to be used properly to defend the incoming punches from the opponent, especially if they are fast and hard.
  • Hands – Mostly hands need to be used for throwing the punches. However, you also need to learn how to make use of hands for defensive moves. And when we talk about defense, hands can be used to wipe away the light punches or jabs or to create distractions.

In order to train properly and develop good boxing skills, a player needs to do the following-

  • Never leave the feet – Leaving the feet directly translates into a loss of balance. A fighter should never compromise on balance. If a good balance is maintained, a player can deliver not only a faster punch but also an effective one.
  • Never throw the punches wildly – A fighter should never throw punches at his opponent in a wild way. Rather he/ she should plan the punch intelligently, and time it in such an optimal manner that the opponent goes into the defensive. Wild punches often miss the target and they tend to give the opponent an upper hand.
  • Never try to overreach – Over reaching surely adds power to the punches and might surprise the opponent. But, doing it over and over again is self-defeating. Overreaching causes injuries or joints pain. Hence it is always better to avoid this and practice the natural moves.

Punching the opponent hard is a vital part of boxing. However, more than the heavy blows, it is the speed, accuracy and the timing of the blows which matter.

The rhythm of the boxer is something which can completely push the opponent on the back-foot. The following are the exercises which a boxer needs to do to ensure he/ she is able to punch faster-

  • Shadow Boxing – Shadow boxing is one of the best routines which you can do anywhere to improve your speed and form against the visualization of an opponent. With regular technique and practice, you can develop good speed which would then become like second nature to you.
  • Speed Bag – With regular use of the speed bag, rhythm, speed, and timing get improved. Speed bag also helps a boxer have better control over his/ her punches.
  • Double End Bag — Something, which is very similar to the speed bag, a double end bag is a bag which hangs on a light tension on the ceiling due to which it moves randomly. The random movements of the bag stimulate the moves and the motion of the opponent who would be constantly on the roll while trying to prevent your punch and looking at an opportunity to land a punch in your face.
  • High-intensity Interval training Heavy Bag – A High-intensity Interval training Heavy Bag is a bag which is designed to wear out a boxer quicker, helping him build his/ her strength, muscles, and form. Using this bag, the boxer learns how to focus on rhythm and speed, rather than trying to hit hard. Here, in this workout, the boxer should never focus on the power punches. Rather the boxer should use different permutations of hook, cross, uppercuts, and jabs while trying to land up a blow faster.
  • Pushup Variations – With pushup variations, boxer develops strength & endurance. The boxers should also try clapping between the pushups. This makes him/ her more dynamic with speed & coordination.