Benefits of Using Speed Bag for Boxing Workout: How To Use for Training

The speed bag is the most common thing used when it comes to boxing. That’s why boxers use a Speed Bag for Boxing in their workouts.

The speed bag is the inflated bag that boxers use for practicing. And every boxer who wants to do well needs to practice using the speed bag.

Let’s learn about using a speed bag for boxing workouts and the potential benefits.

So, let’s get started.

How to Practice with a Speed Bag

Punching a Speed Bag for Boxing is quite different from hitting a heavy bag or punching a solid human body-shaped dummy.

It’s very lightweight compared to these. Below, I have mentioned a few things to practice with a speed bag.

Open the Hands

When one begins with punching, one should never make a fist. They should not use the knuckles for hitting; else, they would lose control & end up hitting either too fast or too hard.

The best thing to do for beginners is to hit the bag with your fingers. Doing so would help them slow the pace and help them get into the groove when it comes to the rhythm of the speed bag.

Don’t Hold Both Hands Far Away from the Bag

For better training using the speed bag, one should always keep the hands as close to the bag as possible.

If the hands are kept far away from the bag, one will move the bag too fast, thus making it difficult to hit the bag properly and hitting the bag too hard.

When the hands are kept closer to the bag, one would not race and hit the bag correctly.

Hit the Bag in Smaller Circles

The hand should make smaller circles while practicing. One should not swing the fists back & forth and only make small loops in the air.

Use the Right-Right Left-Left Rhythm

When one begins boxing, one needs to use the right-right left-left rhythm.

And when we talk about this, we mean, first, the Speed Bag for Boxing needs to be hit twice with the right hand and then twice with the left hand.

speed bag for boxing workout

For the first hit with either of the hands, the front of the fist should be used. For the second hit with either of the hands, the bottom of the list should be used.

This process should be repeated until one feels comfortable switching to either of the hands.

Standing Square When It Comes to Taking the Posture

While hitting the speed bag, it is essential to keep the posture right.

One should stand straight with feet at an equal distance while taking a stance. Also, the distance should not be more than arm’s length from the speed bag.

Depending on the comfort, one can move back and forth. When it comes to the level of the speed bag, it should be at eye level, where one can see the bottom of the bag.

Key Benefits of Using a Speed Bag in Boxing Workouts

Some people think that if they’re working out with a reflex bag, there is no need to use a speed bag. But, using a speed bag for boxing workouts has its advantages.

Improved Hand-Eye Co-ordination

When speed bag, a player gets a better sense of timing. At the moment of the hands, the speed bag sound post rebound from the platform while maintaining the successive movement helps the fighter gain a rhythm.

A fighter can fight in a much better and more natural way with proper rhythm and harmony with the speed bag.

With improved hand-eye coordination, you can punch faster. With the speed bag, one can expect the following benefits:

Encourages the Player to Keep His Hands Up

When the players are used to keeping their hands up, they would never drop their hands in the match as that becomes something unusual for them. 

With the hands held high and practicing perpetual motion, the fighter can execute their punches non-stop.

speed bag for boxing workout

Forms a Learned Behavior

When something comes close to the face, a person instinctively blinks.

Due to working with the speed bag, the person learns how to deal with objects just inches away from the beginning.

The fighter gets accustomed to the movement and learns how to defend themselves.

They also get accustomed to an object moving close to them, thus helping them protect it without closing or flinching an eye.

This is a crucial skill to learn, especially in fights where punches are always targeted in the face.

With this, the fighter keeps their eyes on the target all the time, thus helping them get a higher chance of defending a punch or seizing an opportunity to give one.

Shoulder Workout

Speed bag develops the shoulder muscles along with honing the reflexes.

When a player does speedball, due to speed, short reaction time, and explosiveness, fast-twitch muscles get developed, which greatly aid boxing.

Final Words

If you want to become a good boxer, you can’t avoid working out with a speed bag. Whether you like it or not, you have to use it.

I have also written an article about the best boxing speed bags on the market; you can check that if you don’t have one.

But, buying one is not enough; you also need a good quality swivel for a speed bag that works well for your speed.

I hope this article gave you some idea about how and why using a speed bag for boxing workouts is beneficial for boxers!

If you have any questions, feel free to comment down below.