Color Belt System In The World of Karate: How Does It Work

In the Karate Color Belt System, the most prominent one is the black belt. And it is completely understandable because it represents superiority and high-level skills.

However, there are loads of obstacles yet to be taken before this mighty black belt is achieved.

It takes a lot of training, practice, and long hours of learning before reaching the pinnacle of the karate system. And along the way, several other belt colors are traversed.

Hence, let’s take it one step at a time.

Color Belt System in Karate

Level 1: White Belt

White Color Belt system

The first step onto this system is this white belt. It symbolizes the birth or new beginning of a person to learn karate. Obviously, this is only worn by karate trainees in the beginner level.

 The training course for this level is more on combat-related skills. However, striking or hitting other people back is not just yet allowed. 

On average time, this typically takes about six to nine months before reaching to the next level.

Level 2: Yellow Belt

The next step is the yellow belt. The color’s nature, signifies the first beams of sunlight giving a seedling new growth and new life. Hence, you can say that it describes a beginner with a little bit of knowledge about karate’s basic moves already.

The training course for this level is slightly different from the previous one. There will be a lot of movements such as basic stances, punches, and kicks.

And finally, sparring against other people is now acceptable. However, it is deliberately just fifty to sixty percent of sparring, more or less. 

Nonetheless, this level is enough for you to learn mental focus, discipline, and bully prevention.

 On average time, it takes seven to nine months of training before advancing to the next level.

Level 3: Orange Belt

And then, you will reach this level of orange belt. As for its representation, it denotes the growing strength of the sun. For the record, it is only given to people who have already mastered the ten self-defense actions of karate.

The training course for this one is more on advanced combinations and takedowns. It also emphasizes the essence of, “giving is better than receiving.” Hence, courtesy and generosity will be the key to a long-lasting martial art career.

On an average time, it takes nine to ten months before leveling up to the next belt.

Level 4: Green Belt

Karate Color belt system black

Onto the next one is the green belt. As to say, it represents one’s growth in all those levels and hours of training. Hence, this is given to intermediate fighters who are already on their way to strengthen and refine their karate moves. 

The training course for this level is about striking, grappling, wrestling – and the mix of all three. The students are also allowed now to practice at the premises of their homes.

On an average time, it takes ten to twelve months before finishing this whole course.

Level 5: Blue Belt 

Up next is the blue belt. By blue, it represents the sky and the light it provides in all thriving beings. Therefore, this belt is only given to fighters who have already achieved sufficient knowledge. In fact, these fighters are already beginning to venture out to the world of martial arts.

This level allows the fighters to strengthen their mind and develop their bodies. As for the training course, it focuses on defensive actions. This is the time where the real sparring starts.

On an average time, it takes a long time of twelve to twenty months to advance to the next belt.

Level 6: Purple Belt

purple belt in color system of karate

 The next level is the purple belt. Plainly, it represents the colors of dawn. So, this is given to fighters who are already in the process of leveling up into a more advanced training. 

The training course for this level is largely about footwork management. More or less, this level is already equal to adult karate’s curriculum. To add, it highlights the use of karate as a form of self-defense and not ego-boosting.

On an average time, it takes twelve to twenty months before moving up to the next level.

Level 7: Red Belt

Consequently, the red belt is next. It represents the red and hot strength of the sun. In line with that, this is given to fighters who have obviously mastered the use of their strengths and knowledge already.

Hence, red belters are advised to be more cautious now when it comes to karate fighting. The color red can also symbolize danger or risk too. At this point, the fighters have already become dangerous because of the skills they’ve learned. Hence, an intervention is necessary.

The training course for this level includes teaching the fighters to relay their knowledge to aspiring fighters in a non-formal setting. And so, they are going to assist with teaching the beginners.

 On average time, it takes twelve to twenty months to master this level.

Level 8: Brown Belt

 Second, to the last is the brown belt. The color brown signifies the ripening of seed during the maturing and harvesting period. So, you can say that it is given to highly-advanced and trained fighters.

At this point, the fighters are already able to execute techniques perfectly and handle fights with maturity. The training course for this one is not learning any other course but to sharpen the physical technique they’ve already learned beforehand.

Basically, this level will be dedicated to pinpointing the fighters’ weaknesses and assessing them for the better.

On average time, it takes twelve to twenty months to wrap up this level and move to the last one.

Level 9: Black Belt

Black Color belt system

Finally, you reached it here; the last and final level. As such, black represents the darkness beyond the sun. Thus, a fighter awarded with this belt is already a master of karate. Meaning to say, he or she already gained a deeper understanding of the physical and mental teachings of this martial art. 

The training course of this level is for the fighters to display honor, discipline, and competency when it comes to executing karate moves. If any, the student who has successfully reached this level should make it a goal to be well-rounded.

Final Words

I know it has been a long discourse. But at least you know already what to expect in case you plan to take up karate lessons this break.

The karate belt system can be a very long process, but in the end, it’s all worth it.