How To Throw A Hook Punch: A Comprehensive Guide

Did you know that the hook punch is one of the most brutal punches you can throw? 

Yes, it is!

This punch is given by boxers when the opponent is working in close range. 

A hook punch aimed at the opponent’s jaw is not that simple to perform. So you must know how to throw a proper hook. Also, there are different kinds of hook punches. 

This article has a simple guide on throwing a lead hook punch, which boxers widely use. Without adieu, let’s get started. 

What Is A Lead Hook?

A lead hook punch is thrown with the fist closest to the opponent. Throwing hook punch involves your biceps as they bring power from the top of your arm to your fists. Also, it helps you to quickly move back your arm to its original position after the punch is thrown. 

How To Throw A Lead Hook Punch?

How To Throw A Lead Hook Punch

Throwing a lead hook technique is easy if you follow the below-given steps. 

Step 1: Have a strong boxing stance.

Having a strong standing position is crucial to throwing a good hook punch. Standing strong provides you the foundation to balance your weight and generate power and speed with every punch. 

So to throw a hook punch, you must stand with your feet apart, knees bent slightly, and your non-dominant hand and foot forward. So this means you must throw a lead hook with your lead hand. 

Step 2: Balance yourself and get your body guarded up.

Once you have a strong stance, you must balance and distribute your weight and guard up.

  • To do this, shift your weight to your feet and balls to stay light and bouncy. By doing this, you can easily shift your weight, throw punches, and move around. Also, it is crucial to balance your weight between both feet evenly. 

Before you throw the hook punch: 

  • You must bend your knees slightly but resist the temptation to bend your knees when you throw the punch. 
  • By doing so, you can throw off your balance, lower your guard, and reduce your hit’s control and power.

Now put both hands up in your fighting positions with elbows bent, tucked tight by your chest. 

When you are about to punch using your lead hand:

  • Keep your rear hand high and tight near your face with both elbows tight. If you drop your hands, it will make way for your opponent to throw a counter punch. 

Step 3: Add power to your stance

Once you are standing with your body balanced and about to throw a punch, you must power it up. Transfer your weight to your lead leg and keep a tight fist in your lead hand, ready to throw. 

Step 4: Throw, rotate, and exhale.

Now it’s time to throw the lead hook. 

  • Bring your lead leg weight up through your hips and then into your lead hook. 
  • As you swing to throw the punch, you must also bring your lead elbow directly behind your lead fist so that the hook punch lands on your lead arm at the elbow, and thus your closed fist and knuckles point down. 

Note: Remember, while throwing the hook punch, exhale sharply and keep your chin low and your body tight.

  • While swinging, keep your elbow bent and avoid straightening your arm; otherwise, you end up slapping, which may lower your hook punch power. 
  • Also, ensure your hand is tight and high, in line with your elbow and the shoulder throughout the punch. 
  • Also, swinging your fist down and back up can reduce the power, and you might get a counterpunch from your opponent. 

Step 5: Step back to the original position

Once you have given a good lead hook punch, you must return to where you started. 


A hook punch is one of the most powerful boxing punches. Be it a left hook or right hook, it can help you win a match easily when thrown correctly. A quick hook catches the opponent off-guard and leaves them open for another punch. 

So by throwing a hook, you can access the situation at your own pace and get closer to the opponent. We hope you learned how to throw a hook punch. Now knock out the competition by practicing it, and there’s no one stopping you.