How to Join A Boxing Club: Step-by-Step Guide

Do you think it’s easy to join a boxing club?

Well, the answer is it’s simple to join a boxing club but not easy. Choosing a boxing club requires research and, of course, some trial and error. You must first research the best boxing clubs in your area and then narrow down the choices based on your requirement. 

But what must be your requirements? Choosing the type of club, checking the equipment and trainers, to name a few. 

If you are planning to get started in a boxing gym/club and looking for a quick guide, this article has covered all the required details.

Steps To Join A Boxing Club

Step 1: Find your ideal boxing club

1. Choose the type of club you want to join

Types of the boxing club:

There are three main types of boxing clubs: hardcore, fitness, and hybrid club. 

The hardcore fight club is dedicated to boxers who want to learn how to fight and compete. If you aim to become a boxing champion, then join a hardcore fighting club.

As the name suggests, the fitness club is for people who want to get into shape and not for fighters. The coaches give more attention to helping you burn calories than techniques. 

The hybrid club is a mix of both. I recommend you to join this club. Here coaches run fitness classes and train boxers. 

After choosing the kind of club based on your requirements, you must now look for the ideal boxing club. There are numerous clubs present, and shortlisting the best one is the next tough job. 

2. Search online about the club

Once you have decided on the type of club, start looking online at your area’s boxing clubs/gyms. Most clubs/gyms would provide you with their list of services.

But be sure to check a few things like:

  • The fees of the clubs.
  • If you aim to become a pro fighter, look for gyms that advertise their pro fighter. 
  • The info about the coach or trainer.

3. Check out the shortlisted club in person

It is crucial to check out everything about the boxing club before choosing it. 

For this, take advantage of the trial memberships for different boxing gyms/clubs.

If you are planning to train as a professional boxer, then it is a must to choose one that offers a strong support system that can take your boxing to the next level. 

4. Evaluate the equipment

The big advantage of taking the trial period is that you get the chance to evaluate the equipment. A high-quality boxing gym will have all the equipment that trains you as a fighter. Also, check if the gym/club has heavy bags, speed bags, a ring, a timer, free weights, and double-end bags. These are the basic things. If the club/gym misses any of these things, then consider looking for another gym. 

5. Have a word with the trainer

This is another thing to consider. While checking various gyms/clubs, have a word with the prospective trainers.

6. Look for professional fighters

A quality boxing gym will have a professional fighter. If you find good stable fighters, then it’s a sign of good quality gym. 

However, the downside of high-profile gyms/clubs is that the pro fighters will be given priority over regular ones to use the equipment. 

things to consider before joining a boxing club

Step 2: Join the club

Once you choose a club that meets your requirements, join it. Become a member by paying a monthly fee for the gym’s facilities.

You will need to enter basic information like your name, address, phone number, and email address.

Step 3: Enroll in Classes

After joining a club, enroll in classes. Many clubs offer introductory classes that teach the basics of boxing. Some clubs also offer diet or weight management classes.

Getting started in a boxing gym/club

Once everything is fixed, get a trainer, buy all the required gear, and start. Over time, you will learn many things here.

It is equally important to practice the learned techniques at home. 


If you have read the article now, you will have a basic idea of what to look for when choosing the boxing club/gym. Remember, it is crucial to choose a gym based on your goal. 

If it is for fitness, you don’t have to consider all the factors given above. But if you are aiming to become a pro, do consider all the factors. I hope this “how to join a boxing club was insightful.” Cheers!