Aqua vs Heavy Bag: The Last Comparison You Need

As time changes, the heavy sandbags in your gym might get replaced with newer aqua or water-filled bags. Even if they have the same work, they are not the same. It can get quite overwhelming while comparaing aqua vs heavy Bag.

So, are you skeptical about using them? 

If yes, you are not alone. 

Countless people are searching for Aqua vs. Heavy bags and want to know which will work best for them. 

To rest your query and save your efforts, here I am with my guide on Aqua vs. Heavy bags with detailed information and an answer to which one you should buy.

Therefore, read this guide till the end and know which one suits you. 

What Is An Aqua Bag?

aqua bag

An Aqua bag is a punching bag used in gyms for training boxers. But, they are built differently. They are water-filled and hung from the ceiling. Because of the weight of water, they have a pear shape, but you can also find aqua bags in other shapes and sizes. 

Unlike sandbags, aqua bags need to be strong and made of thick rubber to avoid any mishaps. 

Benefits Of A Water Punching Bag

  • Better feedback 

As you might know, the human body is 70% made of water and punching a water-filled bag gives the exact feedback. This is why aqua bags are gaining popularity. You can also try punching and kicking it from various angles. On the contrary, the sandbags are sturdy and don’t give detailed feedback. 

  • Many designs available 

Unlike traditional sandbags, aqua bags are available in many designs, including a human body, teardrop, and cylindrical. So they are highly versatile for practicing with different angles. 

  • Easy to store and transport 

Everyone knows how heavy sandbags are, and it’s nearly impossible to transport them. However, these aqua bags can be quickly filled, emptied, and transported. Moreover, you can easily store them after your training by emptying the water and deflating them. 

Downsides Of A Water Punching Bag

  • Might leak 

One of the most severe downfalls of a water punching bag is that it might leak while punching. And you will end up on a water-filled floor. Even though it’s made of hard leather, you cannot deny the possibility of it breaking. While using a sandbag, you can at least stop the sand while falling. 

  • Frequent refilling 

Unlike sand, water straightforwardly evaporates. That’s why aqua bags require frequent filling, and you cannot use them without filling them. It’s a specific task, whereas heavy bags don’t require regular refilling. 

What Is A Heavy Bag?

heavy bag

The heavy bag is a traditionally used punching bag used in gyms. It’s filled with sand, and you can easily find many of them in your nearby gyms. They typically have a cylindrical shape and are made of thick leather. Most professional boxers prefer using heavy sandbags while training. 

Benefits Of heavy bag

  • Heavyweight 

Sandbags are heavy; you cannot even compare them with those lightweight aqua bags. If you are a heavy puncher, you must have a heavy punching bag. Even though sandbags are available in various sizes, the fact remains the same: they are heavy, weighing over 150 lbs. 

  • Stays stable 

Thanks to its weight, the heavy punching bag is highly stable and won’t move, even with heavy punches. While using aqua bags, you might have experienced the swinging, but it’s not the case with sandbags. They don’t move easily. 

  • Long-lasting 

Sandbags can last for up to a decade without ripping apart. However, you have to refill the sand sometimes, but not with the frequency of aqua bags. Having thick leather, these traditional punching bags last long and are a one-time investment. 

Downsides Of heavy Punching Bags

  • Hard to fill 

Unlike easy-to-fill aqua bags, these heavy punching bags are hard to fill. Thanks to its weight, you cannot even unhook it without anyone’s help. Further, you have to fill sand in it using the small hole in its top.

  • Not portable 

Sandbags are enormous and heavy, so they are not portable. For transporting it, you should have the strength to lift it. Also, even if you empty the sand, you have to carry the sand and refill it, which is a challenging task again. 

  • It has only one shape. 

Only aqua bags come in different shapes. But for a sandbag, they are only available in a cylindrical shape, limiting your ability to test your punching and kicking skills. 

Aqua vs Heavy Bag – Which One Should You Buy?

Both of them have their advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, choosing solely depends on your preference. 

However, I recommend you get an aqua bag if you are a newbie making a home gym. Similarly, go for the sandbag if you are a professional boxer or someone who knows their punch is really heavy.


For any task, having the right equipment is essential. That’s true for boxing. Hence, choosing the aqua bag or the traditional sandbag for your training is important. 

With quick research and having a word with professional boxers, I have brought you this Aqua vs. heavy bag guide. 

I hope you went through the benefits and downsides of each punching bag and now I am sure you will be able to make a better decision on what fits your needs. Thanks for scrolling through.