How to Choose Boxing Gloves: The Right Way

Boxing is a part of martial arts where the two athletes throw punches against each other an n number of times in a ring. Boxers usually protect themselves with weapons such as mouth guards, hand wraps, boxing gloves, etc.

However, among other equipment, boxing gloves play a major role in boxing sessions; it projects the opponent’s head and the puncher’s hand. 

If you are a beginner boxer who is looking for a buyer guide on how to choose a boxing glove, I have got your back. Continue reading to get a clear idea of choosing your boxing gloves.  

What Are The Benefits Of Boxing Gloves?

With boxing gloves, boxers can protect their hand without getting hurt while hitting heavy materials such as heavy bags and limiting weights. Nevertheless, it helps hit the opponent without bringing any damage to your hands. 

Punching bags are usually filled with sand, metals, water, etc. It may cause hurt to a person, and hitting gloves is an excellent way to escape from these hurts. There are different types of globes. Each type has its uses. 

Now let’s learn the factors to consider while buying boxing gloves. 

How To Choose Boxing Gloves?

How To Choose Boxing Gloves

Measurements needed to find the correct size of boxing gloves

To find the best boxing gloves, you have to know your height and weight to find the exact size as per your hand span. The size will start from 6 oz to 16 OZ, where the minimum size of 6 OZ is usually used for kids, and junior boxers, and the maximum size of 16 OZ will be used for people aged 40 and above.

Types of boxing gloves

There are different types of gloves available for different purposes. Let’s see the four main types of gloves that are listed below. The trainers recommend these gloves to their trainees from beginner to pro-level.

Training gloves 

While the training practice, the so-called warm-ups of boxing, are punching heavy bags, lifting weights, and practicing kicks, the training gloves are a boxer’s choice. It’s suited for training at the initial stage training gloves will be more helpful.

Bag gloves 

Bag gloves are boxing gloves specifically designed for the punching bag session. They have less padding than others, optimizing your punching form. In general, bags are too heavy in weight and tough to handle, so it’s better to wear bag gloves that are tailor-made for these types of workouts. Beware, without the gloves, you may face damage to your skin and bone.

boxxing gloves types

Sparring gloves

Sparring gloves reduce your injuries while practicing sparring. Most sparring gloves are stuffed with more dense pads to ignore hurts. 16oz for sparring pre-juniors and 14 OZ for juniors. Leather gloves are mostly used for sparring. Using thick gloves is recommended for beginners who are into sparring. 

Competition gloves 

Competition gloves are used inside rings when participating in the tournament. They contain thinner pads than training gloves and cause some damage while punching the opponent. 

This is because it’s thin, so it causes injury either to your opponent or your hands. This is why competition always comes in premium quality. Competition gloves weigh from 6-10 oz as it is less padded. 


Sizes of boxing gloves are varied to person; there are four types of size variants; common sizes are 10 OZ to 16 OZ. 

The list given below shows the different types of sizing.

40-50 kg   5.5-6.5 8OZ

54-68 kg 6.5-7.5 10OZ

68-84 kg 7.5-8.5 12OZ

84+ kg 8.5-9.5 14 OZ

Do You Need Boxing Hand Wraps?

Boxing Hand Wraps

Hand wraps are highly recommended if you are an initiator. It protects you from injuries, so you need to wear these hand wraps inside your gloves; it supports your wrist and protects joints. It decreases the way of getting hurt. 

There are two types of boxing hand wraps: professional and training hand wraps. Also, the hand wraps come in two colors, black and white.

What Are Boxing Gloves Made Of?

The boxing materials are heavy, so the gloves are made according to the types of practice. There are three types of padding used in boxing gloves, horse padding, foam padding, or both

Usually, these gloves are comparatively thicker than others; among these horsehair padding gloves, long-lasting foam padding is eco-friendly, and these are made of thin leather as well. Gloves are also made of cowhide or goatskin for flexibility.


If you fail to wear boxing gloves, you can get injured. It causes skin damage and tears your skin, so it’s highly recommended to wear gloves according to various punching exercises. It is best to wear training gloves, sparring gloves, and competition gloves for fighting inside the ring. 

A person with a thinner hand requires gloves with more padding to be shock resistant. So that’s all about how to choose boxing gloves. I hope this article was insightful.