High Top vs Low Top Boxing Shoes: A Complete Guide

Many people say that boxing gloves are the most crucial piece of equipment in this particular sport; but, it’s safe to assume that boxing shoes come a close second.

The proper boxing shoes provide a person with excellent stability and ankle support along with improved footspeed in the ring.

However, you need to consider certain factors before buying them, like- What kind of shoes do you need- High Top or Low Top? What’s the difference between them? etc.

Keep reading to know more about how this particular feature affects your boxing shoes’ overall fit and, ultimately, your performance as a boxer.

Difference Between High Top and Low Top Boxing Shoes

There are two significant types of boxing shoes that a person needs to be aware of High Top and Low Top shoes.

High Top shoes reach up to the wearer’s calves, while Low Top shoes basically cover only as high as the wearer’s ankles.

The type of boxing shoes you choose primarily depends on the kind of boxer you are.

If you are an amateur boxer who indulges in many workouts and sparring, then Low Tops are the perfect fit for you. However, if you require extra ankle support or are prone to ankle injuries or sprains, then High Top is the right choice.

High Top shoes provide more ankle support as compared to Low Top shoes. They offer more generous lower leg support while securely cushioning the ankle and providing additional stability.

Low Top shoes, on the other hand, provide much better mobility and faster movements. They provide increased movability as they offer more space for the ankles to move around freely.

The type of shoes a person eventually chooses depends on several critical personal factors like fighting style, preference, comfort, etc.

And although High Top shoes are usually considered a more suitable choice than boxing shoes, Low tops have lately started gaining momentum and are now quite popular among boxers.

When to Buy High Top Boxing Shoes?

high top boxing shoes

One of the most critical jobs of boxing shoes is to shield and protect the boxer’s ankles while he faces his opponent in the ring.

Ankle injuries are one of the most common injuries in boxing since it requires constant jumping and changing stances, which results in massive pressure on your ankles. This excess pressure can also affect your knees, resulting in unforeseeable and sometimes severe injuries.

This is where High Top shoes come into the picture- these particular boxing shoes provide ample ankle support and fantastic stability to the boxer.

They offer maximum ventilation, comfort, and excellent lateral support to the person wearing them in the ring.

Usually made of non-slip rubber soles, these shoes are highly suitable for people prone to ankle sprains and injuries. They further offer incredible traction and enable agile lower body movement without compromising the player’s execution.

These shoes usually have laces, but they are also available with a Velcro strap at the ankle for quick adjustability and a secured fit.

High Tops are among the most common and highly preferred boxing shoes among the players. It helps the boxers with stability and enhances their performance.

Furthermore, these shoes lace up to the shins, meaning that they also provide fantastic comfort and positioning to the feet along with a great fit.

They are worn mainly by professional and high-level boxers who want to support their advanced sharp and fast movements in the ring without jeopardizing their safety and swiftness.

In a nutshell, people should opt for High Top boxing shoes if they look for additional ankle support and extra stability in the ring.

 You can also buy these shoes if you are susceptible to ankle injuries and sprains and thus want to take extra protection to keep your knees and ankles safe while boxing at a high level. Due to this reason, many boxers recommend high-top shoes as the best shoes for boxing.

When to Buy Low Top Boxing Shoes?

low top boxing shoes

Opposite to the High Tops, Low Top boxing shoes are more suitable for amateur boxers who undertake many workouts and sparring.

Covering up as high as the ankles, Low Tops provide greater mobility to the boxer, thus allowing for more agility and flexibility in the ring.

Boxers involved in speed boxing also opt for Low Tops since the enhanced movability of these shoes enables them to change positions and advance swifter than the other shoes.

Usually made of leather, Low Top shoes come with suede tops and straps that support your feet and offer maximum safety. They are accompanied by rubber soles that provide a solid foothold for players looking to make sharp and speedy cuts in the ring.

Low Top shoes are available in a different range of ‘Low’ sizes, varying from being below the ankle to slightly above or even on the ankle.

Even if they do not offer a lot in terms of ankle support, they differ in comfort and fit from person to person.

Therefore, if you decide to go for Low Tops, it’s imperative first to try the different sizes so that you can choose the one that fits you perfectly.

Since Low Top boxing shoes offer more ankle room for improved mobility, these shoes are mainly suitable for beginners planning to undertake a lot of sparring, speed, or shadow boxing.

Even though High Tops are primarily considered the ‘conventional’ choice for boxers, Low Tops are also getting popular among players who need more freedom of movement as they hone their boxing skills.

So if you are an amateur boxer who is just beginning to master his punches and perfect his footwork technique by indulging in a lot of sparring and heavy workouts, then good quality Low Top boxing shoes are the perfect fit for you.

Final Words

Mastering the footwork in boxing is hugely crucial. Good footwork can completely alter your performance as a boxer. And this is where correct and dependable shoes come into the picture.

The right pair of boxing shoes provide excellent comfort and safety to the boxer and boost their speed inside a ring and against their opponent.

They make them feel lighter while allowing them to move around with increased flexibility along with an improved lower body movement.

But hey, don’t just take my word for it!

Get yourself a good pair of suitable boxing shoes along with a good pair of boxing socks, and let us know what you think.