How to Break In Boxing Gloves : The Last Guide You Need

Let me assume that you have bought your new pair of boxing gloves but finding it difficult to break in. Synthetic boxing gloves can be used right away in most cases, whereas the leather ones need some work. 

Though the inner lining of leather gloves is soft on your skin, you find it tight and hard to give a punch. Your knuckles hurt, and your fingers are numb. I understand the pain. So here is a quick guide that can help you break in your new pair of boxing gloves

Now without any ado, let’s get started.

Quick Hacks To Break In Your Boxing Gloves

how to break in boxing gloves

Wear A Glove In One Hand And Squeeze It Using The Other Hand 

This is the first step in breaking in your gloves. Put on one glove and try making a fist and extend your fingers a few times. Now use your other hand to squeeze the glove’s padding around your fist against your knuckles. 

By doing so, you can ease the glove stiffness. However, avoid doing it too much; otherwise, it will damage the foam padding. 

Hit The Pads

To break your brand new paired gloves as your comfy start, you must throw punches. But avoid hitting the heavy bag with your new set of gloves like you do with your regular gloves. Hitting with a full force amount is not going to help you. 

So start with small punches, the leather, and the padding will get used to your hand shape. Your aim is to break in the gloves; remember that. 

Hit The Punch Bag

Punching a heavy bag is beneficial; it makes your gloves fit in your hand as expected without affecting the blood circulation on your wrist. Start your initial practice with the angled bag. Usually, the angled bag is stuffed with sand to balance the weight. Like banana bags and others, it won’t contain any metals in the center, so when you hit these bags with your new pair of gloves, they won’t get damaged and also breaks in quickly. 

Things to Avoid While Breaking Into Boxing Gloves:

things to avoid while Breaking In Boxing Gloves

Protecting your gloves is crucial. Don’t directly start using it after buying them; pamper your gloves set before using it. Remember your gloves need proper care, but too many cooks spoil the broth. Here I have given the list of things to avoid in the process of maintaining your gloves.

Moisturize Your Gloves

Don’t use your usual moisturizer for your new pair of sparring gloves. This is because the gloves are made up of real leather. If you use that moisturizer, it makes your gloves too soft and increases the possibility of sewing. 

However, spraying the mixture of vinegar and water is more than enough to protect your gloves from viruses and bacteria. 

Hit The Brick Wall

People have a habit of hitting the building wall to practice punching with their gloves; Avoid doing it. Rather, you can go with the option of punching heavy bags. Punching bags always increases your speed limit. So it’s better to hit the punching bag than brick walls. 

Put Them In The Tumble Dryer

Drying your gloves in the tumble dryer is not a great choice. You can dry your gloves with air drying tools, wrap them in a newspaper to get remove the water or use a hair dryer to make them feel warm and dry with minimal heat.

 Squeezing The Boxing Glove 

For breaking down your gloves, it’s advisable to squeeze them up but notably not too much if you do so, there is a chance you may lose their previous quality. It makes your gloves fade in color and don’t allow them to get toned, so be aware of them.


These are the tips from our side, and they will help you pamper your boxing gloves properly. Here we mentioned the dos and don’ts, so leave the habit of practicing those. If you are already in the habit of doing this myth without referring to anything, don’t blindly follow what you are unaware of. 

Boxing is a practice to help your body to attain your dream physique. While building this hobby, you also have to do some favor for the equipment.