Speed Bag Workout for Weight Loss

We know that the speed punching bag is an incredible exercise, burns a lot of calories, and is much more fun. But many people wonder if training with a speed punching bag can lead to fat loss?

Without a doubt, when you combine speed bag exercises with sensible eating habits and dietary plans, you can drop fat much quicker.

In this article, we’ll examine how speed bag exercises help in weight reduction and a few simple speed bag strategies that burn the most extreme calories.

How Many Calories Does Hitting a Speed Bag Burn?

weight loss diet for speed bag

Fundamentally, a rough estimate of the number of calories you will burn with speed bag exercise and training is 3 calories per pound of body weight each hour. 

Hence, an individual of 150 lbs will consume around 450 calories each hour; an individual of 200 lbs will consume 600 calories each hour, and so on. 

What Speed Bag Strategies Burn the Maximum Number of Calories?

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It’s possible to stand still starting from the waist while hitting the speed bag. However, it makes sense that this won’t be the most strenuous strategy. It additionally, subsequently, will not burn the most calories. 

If you simply twist your knees and sway side by side with the punches, it will include the lower part of the body as well.

A 1-hour training session is seriously a lengthy one on the speed punching bag. I would suggest shorter, more frequent training sessions over less frequent and longer ones. 30 mins, 6 days a week is more than enough. When you are pretty satisfied with your weight, or if you have very little time, you could lessen it to 15 mins per day.

Anyway, I would recommend trying to do other activities as well. Along these lines, for maximum calorie consumption, you ought to perform bodyweight squats, push-ups, pull-ups, or some other exercise. 

For something less anaerobic, you could do work out with rope or running set up. This will give you sufficient opportunity to recover from the anaerobic parts of hitting the speed punching bag.

How Should You Regulate Your Intensity for Fat Loss With a Speed Bag?

can you loss weight with speed bag

I would suggest checking your pulse rate. The most simple method for checking your pulse is to take a look at the clock and count the number of heartbeats in 6 seconds. 

Then, at that point, you simply multiply that number by 10, and you have your pulse rate. The ideal fat-burning range for your pulse rate is around 60% of the maximum. 

So, whenever your heart beats under 11 times in 6 seconds, you need to get a move on and pick up the speed of the bag or take fewer rests between sets. 

On the other hand, if your pulse is 130 or 140, you should somewhat take longer rests between the sets or slow down, punching the speed bag a little bit.

How Often Should You Hit a Speed Bag to Burn Maximum Number of Calories?

Getting results rapidly will surely assist you with remaining focused on your goal of weight loss. You can burn the maximum number of fat possible in 2-3 days, assuming that you train for 20 to 30 minutes each day and if you chip off your calories to 500 below your fundamental caloric requirements. 

Eating at your base caloric level, yet in addition, doing the same amount of training will essentially require seven days to lose the maximum number of calories.

Final Words

So, it’s feasible to say that hitting a speed bag can assist you with cutting fat.

One truly great advantage of the speed bag, in regards to fat loss, is the way how entry-level it tends to be. What I mean is that even someone who is incredibly out of his/her shape can hit a speed bag and get involved in some low-intensity cardio. 

This way they can gradually find themselves mixed up with the better shape. In the end, they will be in a position where they can accomplish more difficult types of activities.