How to Clean Boxing Gloves

One of the brutal truths about boxing is that without appropriate hygiene and care, your boxing gloves can end up smelling far more terrible than a rotten egg sandwich.

For the individuals who don’t have any idea, regular hand washing or machine wash will not get the job done to clean your boxing gloves completely.

So, how can one successfully get rid of the spoiled stinky smell from their boxing gloves? 

If you’re keen on figuring out how to clean your boxing gloves – keep reading.

For What Reason Do Your Gloves Stink?

cleaning boxing gloves

The smell that comes from stinky boxing gloves is the odor of bacteria breeding inside them. 

Indeed, you read that right – from the bacteria within. Whether or not you like it, your gloves are an ideal bacterial breeding place since you will be sweating a lot during your training sessions and moisture promotes bacterial development. 

Many people often throw their gloves in a bag after utilizing them, which additionally becomes a spot for bacteria to grow and develop, making your gloves smell even worse.

This is because bacteria and unsafe microbes grow and develop in dark, warm conditions. By keeping your boxing gloves clean and dry, you can keep stinky odor under control. 

Here are a few techniques to keep your gloves clean and smelling fresh.

Effective Methods for Cleaning Your Gloves

Let’s be honest – all of us are human and not perfect. Assuming that you forget to dry your boxing gloves and they become stinky, the following techniques will without a doubt assist you with cleaning them.

Utilize an Anti-bacterial Spray to Kill Bacteria

Anti-bacterial Spray to wash boxing gloves

Using an extraordinary anti-bacterial spray on your boxing gloves will kill bacteria and germs, providing a simple fix to your boxing glove’s smell issue.

1. First, loosen or open up your gloves.

2. Next, spray them with an anti-bacterial spray.

3. Finally, place them in an open and ventilated space to dry.

Try Soaking Gloves in Saltwater

Absorbing your gloves in saltwater for the short term is a reliable method for killing bacteria and freeing your gloves from the smell. This arrangement will separate germs and break them, leaving behind fresh-smelling gloves. 

Nonetheless, this strategy can be risky for gloves made of specific materials that are not reactant to saltwater, so make sure to do a little bit of research before utilizing it.

1. Add saline water to a large empty container.

2. Place your gloves in the saltwater.

3. Leave them for some time and let them dry in a ventilated region the following morning.

Freeze Your Gloves Overnight

freezing the boxing gloves

Freezing your gloves over the night might appear to be somewhat odd, yet it is an extremely powerful method for killing bacteria. 

Put your boxing gloves within a plastic bag and keep them in the freezer throughout the night. Remove your boxing gloves from the freezer in the morning and leave them to dry up in an open and ventilated area. 

If your gloves are extra stinky, you can leave them in the freezer for two evenings rather than one before taking them out to dry up in an open space. 

The Stuffing Technique

To avoid bacterial growth, some boxers or fighters like to stuff their gloves to air them out. In any case, what they stuff their gloves with depends on them to choose. 

Most boxers normally use newspapers, paper towels, or a soap bar. Glove dogs are additionally utilized, which are small cotton packs loaded up with cedar chips that naturally draw out bacteria or germs from gloves.

Use Apple Cider Vinegar

apple cider for cleaning boxing gloves

Apple cider vinegar is very beneficial for cleaning boxing gloves and removing the stinky smell. It’s a very simple and powerful strategy to refresh your gloves when necessary.

1. Pour around one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar into your hand or onto a clean towel.

2. Rub it inside your gloves completely.

3. Next, let your boxing gloves dry all over the night in a ventilated area.

4. You should see your gloves no longer smelling awful in the morning, yet assuming that you notice a smell, repeat the process.

Try Using Baking Soda

baking soda for cleaning boxing gloves

Perhaps, baking soda is the oldest trick in the book known all around the world for its power to kill stinky odor. A sprinkle of this strong stuff in your dry gloves will assist you with removing the stinky odor from your gloves.

1. Take a pinch of baking soda and just sprinkle it into both gloves.

2. Let the powder sit for two or three hours.

3. Remove the baking soda by holding the gloves with the open side down and giving them a decent shake.

Preventive Care

washing dirty boxing gloves

Since prevention is always better than cure, find ways to keep your boxing gloves from getting bacteria and germs.

Allow them to dry completely: Let your gloves dry completely after every use is essential in keeping them clean since bacteria and germs need moisture to penetrate.

Wipe your gloves after using: One more astounding strategy to keep your gloves smelling fresh is by just cleaning them all around with a clean towel after every use. Doing this will enormously limit moisture in your gloves to keep germs away from developing.

Try not to place your gloves in your bag: Never place your boxing gloves within your bag just after utilizing them. Allow them to air dry in an open space and afterward put them in your bag.

Use hand wraps: Perhaps the best technique to absorb sweat in your gloves and keep them from smelling is by utilizing hand wraps. Hand wraps will behave like a wipe and retain the moisture from cushioning within your boxing gloves.

Wash your Hands: If you are attempting to keep your boxing gloves from smelling like a spoiled egg sandwich, consistently wash your hands and dry them up before wearing them.

Final Words

Taking diligent care of your boxing gloves is not a science assessment: you don’t need to overthink it. 

Truth be told, leaving your gloves out in the open air and giving them a decent wipe down after following the above-mentioned strategies is usually enough to leave make your boxing gloves smell fresh.

If you’re still having issues with cleaning your gloves after trying out the strategies mentioned above, get to your coach for guidance.