Solo Boxing Drills: How To Practice Boxing Alone

Be it any sportsperson, they all follow one thing in common, Practice. You need to practice consistently to stay in shape, and boxing is no different. 

Being a beginner, you go to the boxing gym daily and follow a proper training schedule


What if you can’t go to the gym? Should you break the routine? Not necessarily. 

You can practice our 5 solo boxing drills at home with or without the equipment. There are multiple solo boxing drills, but we managed to pick the 5 most essential drills that can keep the boxing momentum going. Now let’s get started.

1. Step and Jab

step and jab boxing drill

The step and jab boxing drill can improve the boxing skills of beginners. 

To do it, 

Step 1: Stand in your boxing position with your legs wide apart. 

Step 2: Now, take a small step forward by moving your fist forward like jabbing. You must use the same side fist as the foot you are stepping with. E.g., if you are stepping your right leg forward, then jab with your right fist. 

Step 3: You must keep your opposite elbow bent, fist up, and in front of your face while giving a jab.

Step 4: Now, return to your original stance. 

2. Jab Jab Cross

To perform this jab cross, stand in a boxing position with both hands near your chin and cheek in a protective shield.

Jab with the left twice.

Then cross with the right.

You must take your feet off while performing these moves. The front foot must stay flat on the floor, and your back heel should lift from the ground. When you push, try to rotate the ball of your foot and flex your hips forward. 

3. Bob and Weave 

Making rapid body movements up and down and side to side is what the bob and weave boxing technique is. This technique helps you to throw powerful punches. 

So it is vital to practice this frequently. Now let’s learn how to do it. 

Step 1: Crouch down on both knees pretending that someone is punching at you.

Step 2: Using your head as a guide, weave to your left without full standing, and knees bent, move to your right. Your head will make a U shape in the air by doing this. 

Step 3: Now stand in a boxing position keeping your fist up, and keep your face and head protected. 

4. Hook and Cross

Another solo boxing drill performed at your home is hook and cross. 

You will hook the opponent using your non-dominant hand and give a strong cross with your dominant hand. This drill is a great punch combination that can easily put them down when executed by an opponent. 

Follow the below-given steps to perform the drill,

Step 1: Stand in your boxing position.

Step 2: Now rotate the ball of your foot in the front and swing your front fist elbow bent at a 90-degree angle. 

Step 3: Keep the opposite arm up in a way shielding your face.

Step 4: When you move back to your boxer stance, swiftly adjust your weight and swivel on the ball of your foot. Now punch across your body front with the same side fist.

Step 5: After you hook, keep your fist up near your face when you move back into the cross. 

5. Head Movement Drill

head movement drill boxing

The head movement drill is an important technique a boxer must learn to protect her face from unnecessary injury. You can quickly duck your opponent’s punches by learning this technique and practicing it enough. 

Follow the given steps.

Step 1: In your boxing stance, pose like you are about to avoid an oncoming punch.

Step 2: Slightly crunch your abdomen side and rotate your right shoulder towards your left knee. But make sure you don’t crunch too much otherwise, you will find it difficult to revert, and you might get a counter hit.

Now slightly crunch to the other side. 

Repeat these steps multiple times to get the technique properly.

Final Words

Staying fit and focused is crucial for boxing. If you are on the verge of missing your boxing practice routine at the gym, you do it at home. The solo shadow drills given in this article will help you keep on track. 

We hope you find this article helpful. Thanks for reading through!