Punching Bag Workout for Beginners

Every great workout helps in building muscle stability and burns a lot of fat through cardio. However, the thing is, cardio is a weak point for many. Regularly, it’s exhausting and boring.

Imagine a scenario where it didn’t have to be that way.

Punching bag workouts will undoubtedly help you in practicing full-body exercises. You’re bouncing around on your toes and throwing punches; you have to remember the punches you’re practicing and improvise. Your brain is engaged, and punching the bag is a great fun exercise.

In this article, we’ll find out more with regards to why it’s critical to utilize a punching bag for your exercise routine and a few essential punching bag workout routine for beginners.

Why Utilize a Punching Bag Workout for Your Routine?

Punching bags are perhaps the best for full-body exercise. There’s not even a single part of your body that gets left out from the full-body exercise while you’re practicing your punches. It’s a much better choice for getting your pulse rate up than running.

Hitting a punching bag will scale up your coordination as you learn your combos, it’ll sharpen your mind as you retain your movements and visualize your opponents while training for your shadowboxing, and you’ll sharpen your muscles as you burn more body fat.

Punching Bag for Your Exercise Routine

5 Punching Bag Workouts for Beginners

You can combine these workout routines into one twenty-minute exercise, or you can work on them with one specifically every day, taking breaks in the middle of each set.

Always start your exercise routine with a warmup. You can get your blood pumping and increase your pulse rate with some shadow boxing.

Get your boxing gloves, wraps, or both on; remain light on your toes and box with an imaginary opponent, and make sure to mix in every punch you know. 

Workout Routine I: Basic Training

This basic workout routine is the place where you will rehearse your punching combos and your footwork. This is the foundation you will construct all of your boxing abilities, and you’re never going to leave it behind. Invest in some opportunities to focus on your abilities. 

  • Start with one minute of hard and fast punching. Keep switching between jabs, hooks, crosses, and uppercuts. 
  • Move closer to the punching bag and throw your punches on it.
  •  Continue for one minute of hooks with each arm
  • Afterward, continue to one minute of speed punches
  • Keep your feet moving
  • Attempt to keep your punches moving as fast as possible
Punching Bag Workouts

Workout Routine II: HIIT Training

This is a HIIT version of a punching bag workout routine. Under this punching bag routine, hit the bag fast and as hard as possible. Try not to give up until the minute is over, reward yourself with a short breather, and get back in there.

  • After a brief warmup, begin throwing speedy punch combos at the punching bag for twenty seconds
  • Take a rest for ten seconds and keep your footwork going
  • Repeat the same eight times
  • You can take a break off for around three minutes and go on for as many as eight set rounds

Workout Routine III: Fancy Footwork

This is the closest exercise your punching bag training is going to get off the treadmill. Although you are going to work on footwork, you are still a functioning member here, because the bag won’t move all by itself.

  • Get yourself warmed up
  • Throw several punching combos at the pack to get it moving
  • Keep moving around the bag, following the movement of the bag
  • Do this for three minutes
  • Rest for at least a minute 
  • Keep going with this exercise for three full rounds

Workout Routine IV: Accuracy Training

This accuracy training is intended to sharpen the accuracy of your punches. You need to figure out how to punch at a specific region. If you’re missing your chances to punch the opponent accurately, then, at that point, you’re never going to win a fighting game. So follow the below-given steps to improve your accuracy in punching

  • Apply a few targets to the punching bag
  • Do a little warm-up and get the bag moving
  • Keep following the movement of the punching bag
  • Center your punches just around the target you’ve put on the bag
  • Repeat this exercise for three rounds of one minute each

Workout Routine V: Power Punching

  • Get warmed up by doing light punching at the bag utilizing about half of your strength
  • Throw combos of your punches at the punching bag, keeping yourself moving the whole time
  • When you’re warmed up, get an accomplice to keep the punching bag still
  • Start throwing full-power punches for around 30 seconds to a minute
  • Take a break off in between 
  • Repeat this exercise for five rounds
Punching Bag Workouts for Beginners

Final Words

Training on a punching bag is an amazing addition to any exercise schedule. It serves as a high-intensity routine that will burn fat and add to your stamina immensely. You’re getting in a fantastic cardio routine and high-rep exercises that make the way for a different world of activities.

The punching bags are an incredible method for learning the basics you require for boxing. Heavyweight punching bags are magnificent for scaling up your overall wellness.