15 Hottest & Most Beautiful UFC Ring Girls Of All Time

When talking about UFC ring girls, many people may think that those girls are just randomly chosen. We think that they don’t have an identity as a well-known person. In this article, we will be discussing the 15 hottest UFC ring girls.

However, if you’re really into watching UFC, you may be familiar with some UFC girls that are really a head-turner. So, let’s dive in!

What are UFC Ring Girls?

UFC ring girls are considered girls of MMA. They are the ones who inform the audience about the next match by walking around the entire ring while holding a placard above their head.

Since most of the audience in UFC are men, sexy and hot girls will be in favor of them. With this, the game won’t get boring as these girls will appear on a regular interval. They bring entertainment and maintain the attention of the audience in the entire game.

How Much Do UFC Ring Girls Make?

Many people get curious about how important the role of ring girls is in a UFC fight. They also think how this ‘easy’ job gives the girls the opportunity to earn.

Well, you should never underestimate this kind of job. Since UFC ring girls are exposed to a lot of people and do their job until the end of the game, they are paid more than you imagine. 

UFC Octagon girls’ average pay for every fight is $1000. That’s just for one fight. If it’s a whole event, no matter how many fights there are, they are usually paid $5000. For instance, a 33-year-old UFC ring girl named Carly Baker has a salary of $30,000. This amount may increase or decrease depending on the intensity of the bout.

Aside from the payment for their job, they can also receive bonuses if they showcased a good performance on the ring. 

Do All UFC Ring Girls Earn This Much?

The above-mentioned amount is the average pay for all UFC ring girls. As I said, this can increase or decrease. There are actually many girls that are known as “Hottest UFC Girls” and they earn multiple times the average pay.

Now, we’ll enumerate the names of some UFC ring girls who are known as the 15 Hottest UFC Girls as of 2022.

Hottest UFC Ring Girls

1. Carly Baker

Carly Baker hottest ufc ring girl
Source: Instagram

Carly Baker is a 35-year-old UFC octagon girl. She came from England and her height is 1.7 meters. Aside from her beautiful features including her sexy body, charming smile, and bright eyes, she is known for being talented in singing, dancing, modeling, and studying nutrition.

To maintain her healthy and sexy body, she does a lot of physical exercises and sports such as yoga and Muay Thai.

Moreover, Carly started her career as a model when she was 14. This also led to her career in pageantry.

After years of this kind of work, the former beauty queen is now a personal trainer.

Follow Her on Instagram: Carly Baker

2. Jhenny Andrade

Jhenny Andrade beautiful ufc ring girl
Source: Instagram

Jhenny Andrade is from Brazil. She is 34 years old with a height of 1.6 meters. Being exposed to many people is no longer new to her as she has been in the entertainment industry since she was six.

She is not just famous for being a UFC octagon girl but also known for being a famous actress, model, writer, and soccer athlete.

With her natural charm, gorgeousness, and talent in the ring, many doors were opened for her. With her hard work, Jhenny became globally recognized and won the “UFC Ring Girl of the Year” award on 3 separate occasions. 

Follow Her on Instagram: Jhenny Andrade

3. Ali Sonoma

Ali Sonoma sexiest ufc ring girl
Source: Instagram

Ali Sonoma is a 37-year-old UFC octagon girl from Florida. Her 1.7 meters height, hot & sexy body, and dazzling beauty made her become one of the hottest UFC ring girls in today’s generation.

Ali’s first appearance in the ring happened in 2006 after her debut. The hot American girl who has blonde hair, light olive skin color, and attractive blue eyes mark in the eyes and hearts of the people, especially in the UFC. 

Aside from her beauty, she is also known for being sporty. She is known for dancing, playing soccer, and shooting guns. 

Now, Ali continued her career as a model.

Follow Her on Instagram: Ali Sonoma

4. Kahili Blundell

Kahili Blundell hottest ufc ring girl
Source: Instagram

Kahili Blundell is an Australian UFC Octagon girl who is in the age of 40 and has a height of 1.7 meters. 

She is known for having a beautiful face, perfectly curved body, light skin color, and blonde hair. Everyone in the audience becomes in awe of her beauty when she steps on the stage with her enchanting overall feature. 

Aside from being a UFC ring girl, Kahili is also into modeling. In fact, she is a well-known magazine girl. Not just that, but she’s also a fitness trainer.

With the skills and talents matched with the beauty she has, she was considered one of the hottest UFC ring girls up to this time. 

Follow Her on Instagram: Kahili Blundell

5. Luciana Andrade

Luciana Andrade beautiful ufc ring girl
Source: Instagram

Luciana Andrade is a 36-year-old UFC ring girl from Coritiba, Brazil. Her 1.68 meters height with a hot and sexy will surely capture the eyes of everyone in a UFC fight.

Also, her beauty does not end with her physical features. Luciana is known for having beauty and brains. She is not just a UFC octagon girl, but also a model, and a lawyer for more than a decade now.

That said, she has been making a successful career as a legal practitioner and is known for being one of the richest models today.

For her, maintaining a healthy body is not just for work purposes. She believes that a healthy body results in a healthy mind. 

Follow Her on Instagram: Luciana Andrade

6. Brittney Palmer

Brittney Palmer sexiest ufc ring girl
Source: Instagram

Brittney Palmer is from San Diego, America. She is 35 years of age and stands 1.68 tall.

Her stunning overall features including her beautiful face and sexy body have garnered millions of fans all over the globe.

Brittney’s admirable beauty and charisma in the ring made her win the “UFC Ring Card Girl Award” not just once but twice. 

Moreover, Brittney’s interest does not just revolve around the ring. She is also known for being a great dancer, model, and artist. In fact, she has her artworks displayed in Museums located in different states such as Los Angeles, Miami, and Hongkong.

Follow Her on Instagram: Brittney Palmer

7. Chandella Powell

Chandella Powell hottest ufc ring girl
Source: Instagram

Chandella Powell was a UFC octagon girl from Oklahoma who is now 40 years old.

She is well-known for being the very first black American who was qualified to become a UFC ring girl.

Despite having a different skin color compared to other UFC ring girls, Chandella has showcased her incomparable beauty and talent on the ring. In fact, she was able to stand out. With her long black hair, beautiful face, attractive smile, and sexy body, she was able to capture the eyes of many people all around the world.

Additionally, Chandella has experience in modeling even before she worked as a UFC ring girl. 

Follow Her on Instagram: Chandella Powell

8. Arianny Celeste

Arianny Celeste beautiful ufc ring girl
Source: Instagram

Arianny Celeste is 36 years old and stands 1.65 meters tall. She is from Las Vegas. 

Witnessing Arianny on the ring leaves the audience with no words to utter as she has a very unrealistic beauty. She is the definition of perfect though many people say no one is. Her beautiful face, captivating smile, sexy and flawless body have attracted many people not just inside the UFC. This resulted in her gaining fans and followers on social media.

Aside from being a UFC octagon girl, she is an artistic person too. She loves to paint and works as a model in different magazines. 

Follow Her on Instagram: Arianny Celeste

9. Vanessa Hanson

Vanessa Hanson beautiful ufc ring girl
Source: Instagram

Vanessa Hanson is a 31-year-old girl from California, USA. Despite the young age, she is already known as one of the hottest, sexiest and tallest UFC ring girls during this time. 

Vanessa’s look is a combination of Mexican and European. This exotic beauty captured the eyes and hearts of many people all over the globe. Every time she walks on the ring, it’s as if she’s slaying on a runway.

Moreover, Vanessa loves other physical activities like yoga, traveling, and others that she knows will benefit her in many aspects such as physically and mentally. She also works as a model and a co-owner of yoga studio Olive Yoga in Long Beach, CA.

Follow Her on Instagram: Vanessa Hanson

10. Edith Labelle 

Edith Labelle  sexiest ufc ring girl
Source: Instagram

Edith Labelle is a 40-year-old UFC octagon girl who has 1.52 meters in height. She is the first-ever French octagon girl in UFC history.

Being one of the oldest UFC ring girls is not a hindrance to continuously showcase her mesmerizing beauty both inside the ring and in the modeling industry. Because of this, many people, especially girls, loved and admired her. 

Furthermore, Edith is certified by law to train people who want to maintain their physical fitness. This proves how much she gives importance to physical fitness and shows why she is able to maintain such a sexy body. 

Follow Her on Instagram: Edith Labelle

11. Logan Stanton

Logan Stanton beautiful ufc ring girl
Source: Instagram

Logan Stanton came from Florida, USA. She is now 32 years old and stands 1.6 meters tall. She debuted in 2008. Since then, she started her career as a UFC octagon girl.

Logan does not have a perfectly curved body like other UFC octagon girls. But, her incredible beauty is proven to be a head-turner. Every time she steps on the ring, each of the audiences becomes in awe and entertained with her hotness. To prove this, she is one of the UFC ring girls who have gained many fans and followers on social media in less time.

Currently, she focuses on her career as a full-time fashion model.

Follow Her on Instagram: Logan Stanton

12. Chrissy Blair

Chrissy Blair sexiest ufc ring girl
Source: Instagram

Chrissy Blair is 33 years old and is one of the most famous and hottest UFC ring girls of all time. She stands 1.7 meters tall and has a perfectly shaped body.

Before she debuted in UFC, she first worked in other MMA promotions. With the experience she had and incredible beauty, she was able to get accepted as a UFC ring girl. This led to more opportunities for her inside the ring.

But, Chrissy has something more to offer. She is not just a definition of beauty but also “beauty with a context.” She has a degree in Marketing, as well as Graphic Design and Fine Arts. 

Follow Her on Instagram: Chrissy Blair

13. Mercedes Terrell

Mercedes Terrell hottest ufc ring girl
Source: Instagram

Mercedes Terrell, has been a ring girl, at the same time a UFC model for years. She is now 38 years old and is very popular on social media because of her well-known job.

She is known for her alluring beauty especially when she’s on the ring. This made her become one of the hottest and sexiest, despite being one of the oldest UFC octagon girls.

Aside from her career as a UFC ring girl, she is also pursuing a career as a model. Her good looks and personality plus talents have given her a lot of opportunities inside and outside the ring.

Follow Her on Instagram: Mercedes Terrell

14. Brooke Lynette

Brooke Lynette beautiful ufc ring girl
Source: Instagram

Brooke Lynette is a 31-year-old UFC ring girl from Scotland, United Kingdom. She has a height of 1.7 meters perfectly matched with her sexy body.

She is considered one of the most beautiful and sexiest ring girls in the history of MMA. Because of this, she had many fans all over the globe.

Before she even entered the UFC, she had already been modeling since the age of 16. This trained her skills to be qualified as a UFC model.

Furthermore, she also works as a businesswoman while still pursuing her modeling career. She was featured in several commercials for high-end brands. 

Follow Her on Instagram: Brooke Lynette

15. Summer Daniels

Summer Daniels hottest ufc ring girl
Source: Instagram

32 years old Summer Deniels from Queensland is effortlessly famous in her career as a UFC octagon girl since she has been writing songs, singing, and modeling for years.

Her modeling career molded her skills to be accepted as a UFC ring girl. Many people all over the globe have admired her beauty and perfectly shaped body. This made her one of the most famous and hottest UFC octagon girls in history.

Moreover, Summer is not just known for working as a UFC ring girl, singing, and writing songs but also for having a good and fun personality which reflects in most of her social media posts. Because of this, people loved her even more.

Follow Her on Instagram: Summer Daniels


Many girls from different countries have made their name in MMA history. Their charisma, beauty, and sexy body matched with their good personality made them stand out and famous all over the globe.

Hence, they don’t just earn money but also inspire other people especially in terms of maintaining physical fitness and being confident in their overall physical features.

Hopefully, we will get to see more talents like these on board to turn the fire of the sport!

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