Does A Punching Bag Build Muscle?

What is one common thing that grabs your attention among all boxers? 

Yes, you are right, their muscular upper body.

Now comes the next question. What helps boxers build muscles? We know that there is no single way to train a boxer. Also, boxers use a heavy bag or mitts or simply choose to shadowbox and forego equipment together for training. 

Do you think a punching bag helps them build muscle? The answer is a big yes. But how? To get a clearer answer, keep reading. 

Does Punching A Bag Build Muscle?

As already said, the answer is yes; punching a bag build muscles. You put extra cardio and strength training into your workout when you strike the heavy bag. So while hitting the heavy bag, different parts of your body get engaged, resulting in building muscles. 

What Muscles Does Punching Work?

muscle building by punching bag

Now that you know that hitting a punching bag build muscles, your next question would be what muscles they build. 

You will develop muscles in your arms, shoulders, chest, and back. But did you know that you also develop muscle in your lower body? 

Yes, you read it right. 

Punching bag training can strengthen your quads and hamstrings muscles and improves your glutes. Because while punching, you don’t stay in one place. You shuffle around, twist, and turn while throwing a punch. So these actions get you leaner or more toned muscles in your lower body. 

How Long Should You Punch A Punching Bag?

There is no straightforward answer to how long a boxer must punch a punching bag. You will start with general strength training like push-ups or sit-ups if you are a beginner. Overall, hitting a punching bag for 20 to 30 mins a day can help you build muscles and improve balance and coordination. 

Benefits Of A Punching Bag Workout

boxing build muscles

Apart from building muscles, punching bag workouts can offer you multiple benefits.

Enhance your boxing skills

Hitting your heavy bag can hone your punching techniques like jabs, crosses, hooks, and uppercuts. 

Get into cardiovascular shape.

Another exciting benefit that a punching bag workout offers is it improves your fitness and helps you get into cardiovascular shape.

Upskill your knockout power

Developing knockout power isn’t easy, but it can take you a long. A punching bag workout helps you train the ability to punch harder. 

How To Get The Most Benefits Out Of Punching Bags?

Now you know that hitting a punching bag builds muscle and has numerous benefits. But how to get the most benefits out of it?

Follow the below-given tips:

Mix up your workouts

You are likely to give up if you keep doing the same heavy bag workout regularly without mixing it up with another exercise. You need some variety in your heavy bag workout to get the most out of this kind of workout.

So practice HIIT one for some days, and the other day you can pick a Youtube video or just go to the gym and work with a trainer.

Incorporate HIIT in your boxing

One of the best ways to add variety to your boxing workout is incorporating HIIT(High-intensity interval training) in boxing can add more benefits. 

Adopt a healthy diet

If you aim to build muscle, then adopt a healthy diet. You must start eating and boxing people who indulge in active muscle building. 

It can be done by cutting junk food from the diet, drinking protein juice, and eating healthy foods.

Also, ensure you get plenty of rest because sleep is essential for your body to repair itself and re-boost from the workout you did during the day.


One of the commonly asked questions about boxing is whether a punching bag workout helps build muscle or not. I hope you got this question answered in this article. 

Punching bags play a crucial role in a boxer’s life. Whether or not you are a boxer and if you are looking to build muscles, you can rely on a punching bag workout. It offers more benefits than just building muscles. 

Thanks for reading through!