How to Hit a Speed Bag?

A speed punching bag is a small punching bag that has been used by fighters for quite a long time to further develop their stamina and coordination. 

You can find speed bags in gyms and health centers across the world in different shapes, sizes, materials, and hanging styles.

Read on to figure out how this piece of boxing equipment can assist you with developing your boxing strategies as well as your general training schedule and which is the most effective way to hit a speed punching bag.

Instructions to Hit a Speed Bag

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The primary step to hitting a speed punching bag is knowing the rhythm. 

Simply realize that the speed punching bag will bounce back multiple times for each hit. So, assuming that you hit it once, it will go FORWARD-BACK-FORWARD and afterward come at you to be hit once more. 

So HIT, wait for 3 bounces, HIT, again wait for 3 bounces, and repeat the entire round.

Tips to Hit the Speed Punching Bag

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Open your hands

Try not to make a fist hand. Try not to hit with your knuckles, at least not really for beginners. 

Beginners hitting with their knuckles will rapidly lose their control and will end up hitting the punching bag excessively hard or excessively quick. Hitting with the fingers will assist beginners with slowing down the pace and getting used to the rhythm.

Hold both hands near the punching bag

Keep your hands near the speed bag. Keeping your hands close will permit you to hit the speed bag without hustling your hands to it. 

If you let your hands get excessively far from the bag, you’ll end up moving it too quickly, which makes you hit the punching bag excessively hard.

Hit in little circles

Your hand should go in and make little circles in the air when you hit the speed bag. You’re not swinging your fist to and fro, you are making little circles in the air. You can even work on making little circles in the air to get used to the movement before giving it a shot at the speed bag.


The best rhythm for beginners to follow is RIGHT-RIGHT-LEFT-LEFT. This implies hitting two times with your right hand, then, afterward, two times with your left hand, and repeating the same process. 

On the first hit, you utilize the front of your fist. Whereas, on the subsequent hit, you utilize the lower part of your fist.

Stand square

You should be standing square before the speed bag with both feet at an equivalent distance from the speed punching bag. 

Stand somewhat nearer than an arm’s length from the punching bag. You can move nearer or farther until it feels comfortable. Your eye should be in level with the lower part of the speed bag, however, a little lower or higher would likewise be alright.

What Skills Are Inculcated From Using a Speed Bag? 

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There are a few abilities a fighter gets from practicing on a speed punching bag. Those skills are as follows: 

Hand-Eye Coordination 

Probably the greatest strength you will start to see after utilizing the speed punching bag is an improvement in your hand-eye coordination. To keep the speed bag continuously moving, you should develop a rhythm while at the same time striking the speed bag precisely. And within a similar region to not make the punching bag turn or go wrong.

Increasing Punching Speed

As the name reflects, the speed punching bag strategy requires consistent movement. While you can begin at a moderate speed, one of your primary objectives should be to build up speed as you practice.


Speed punching bags are much smaller and move more rapidly than heavy-weight punching bags, which makes them crucial equipment for further developing your punching speed and accuracy.

Develop shoulder and arm strength

Depending upon the height you set your punching bag, you work on various muscles. Keeping your speed bag at eye level will feel greater however, raising the bag above shoulder level will make you truly feel the burn in your shoulders, adding to your shoulder and arm strength eventually.

Developing stamina

You must be continuously moving the speed punching bag while additionally keeping your hands high. Along these lines, it in, the long run, works on improving your stamina.

Mental focus

The repetitive movement of speed punching bag work can assist you with focusing on the job needing to be done at the moment, thus, developing your mental focus. 

Final words

I’m sure anybody can figure out how to hit the speed punching bag in a short time just by understanding and following the tips I put previously. 

Once you get the hang of hitting the speed bag with your hands open, attempt to shut your hands and hit it with your fist.

The speed punching bag is an incredibly fun exercise, which further develops your punching speed and endurance, timing, stamina, and accuracy. No one should be missing on utilizing a speed bag!