How to Fill Water & Hang Aqua Training Bag?

Hey, CONGRATS on buying the new aqua training bag to practice boxing!

Now I guess you might be searching for how to fill water in the aqua training bag and hang it.

No worries! I have got your back. 

Here is a quick guide on filling water and hanging an aqua training bag. You will also find some FAQs like how to drain it and how high should you hang aqua training bags are going to be stated clearly and loudly;

I have divided the article into two parts, the first part is about how to fill water in the aqua training bag, and the next one is about hanging the aqua training bag. 

Now let’s get started.

How To Fill An Aqua Training Bag?

hanging aqua training bag

Filling an aqua training bag can be done in 5 simple steps. 

Step 1: First, you need to hang the aqua training bag before filling it. 

Step 2: After hanging the bag, remove the plug using a screwdriver or a penny. Often, the rubber part in the plug might get stuck within the aqua training bag. So ensure you have properly removed the plug.

Step 3: Once the plug is removed, connect the hose to the filling nozzle of the bag.

Step 4: Now, fill the aqua training bag with water. The more water you add to the bag, the harder it will get. So if you want a softer hit on the bag, drain some water. 

Step 5: After filling the bag with the desired amount, if you notice wrinkles on the bag, then top it off with air after you insert the plugin. This can be done with an inflation needle widely used to pump up football or soccer ball. 

How Much Do Aqua Training Bags Weigh When Filled?

weight of aqua training bags

9″ 15lbs Headhunter: 15 LBS 

12″ 35lbs Headhunter: 35 LBS

15″ 75lbs Aqua Boxing Bag: 75 pounds 

18″ 120lbs Aqua Punching Bag: 120 pounds 

21″ 190lbs Aqua Heavy Bag: 190 pounds

How To Drain An Aqua Training Bag?

If you want to drain an aqua bag, 

  • Remove the hanging bag from the chain and place it on the ground outside or in a bathtub or where you want to drain the water. 
  • Once removed and placed on the ground, unscrew and remove the plug and squeeze out the water. 

How To Hang An Aqua Training Bag?

This section will guide you on how to hang an aqua training bag. 

You require two things to hang the training bag, the stand or ceiling mount and the aqua bag

You need to hang the empty aqua bag on the stand or ceiling mount. But before filling the bag, ensure that the mount or stand can support the bag’s weight when filled. 

Aqua training bags come with a custom-sized shackle but don’t come with hanging chains. You have to buy it separately. 

When both things are ready, you can hang the bag using its shackle onto the stand

Once the bag is hung, you can remove the screw using a screwdriver and connect the hose and fill the bag.  


how to fill aqua training bag

Can Aqua Training Bags Be Used Outdoors?

Yes, aqua training bags are designed to be used indoors and outdoors. Since they are waterproof and are made with UV resistance can be used outdoors. 

However, if you live in a colder climate, then the water in the aqua bag will freeze. So be cautious about it. Also, if the aqua training bag is left outdoors, the water might evaporate, and it needs refilling often. 

Do I Need A Mount Or A Heavy Bag Stand?

This is subjective. If you want a permanent solution, then get a ceiling mount. Otherwise, go for a free-standing solution.

How High Should You Hang Aqua Training Bags In A Group Setting?

This depends on the height of the user. Take an average height and hang the aqua training bag so the equator hits 5’2″ as the starting point. However, you can hang the bags at different heights in a group setting.

How Far Apart Should You Hang Aqua Training Bags In A Group Setting? 

It is recommended to hang and leave some 3-4 feet between each aqua training bag for each user/member in a group setting. 


That’s a wrap now!

The two key takeaways of this guide are, first, hang the empty aqua training bag onto the stand before filling it. And second, ensure that the mount or stand can support the bag’s weight. 

Also, it is not recommended to hang the bags outdoors at freezing temperatures. I hope this quick guide was insightful. Thanks for reading!