A Complete Guide to Wear Boxing Hand Wraps

Boxing hand wraps safeguard your hands, wrists, and even your boxing gloves. Utilizing hand wraps whenever you use gloves will keep your boxing gloves smelling fresher. In addition, wraps serve as added cushioning for your knuckles and added strength for your wrists. 

Beginners should continuously utilize hand wraps and gloves when they are hitting a heavy-weight punching bag to protect their knuckles and wrists and increase the lifetime of their gloves. 

In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits and step-by-step instructions to wear Boxing hand wraps and discuss which is best: wraps or gloves. 

Wear Boxing Hand Wraps

How Does Wrapping Your Hands Help While Boxing?

Boxing hand wraps have several significant functions in boxing. The top elements of hand wraps are to:

  • Safeguard the knuckles
  • Protect the wrists
  • Keep your gloves smelling fresh

There are two main varieties of boxing hand wraps to select from traditional hand wraps and quick wraps. 

Step-By-Step Instructions to Use Hand Wraps

For beginners figuring out how to wrap hands for boxing, follow this Boxing hand wraps instructional exercise given below. 

Step 1: Switch roll the wraps with the goal that the text faces inside. Unroll around 12 inches of the wrap to begin, keeping the rest of the hand wrap rolled up.

Step 2: Place the loop over the thumb and roll the wrap over the wrist 3-4 times.

Step 3: Wrap once between each finger and once around the wrist in the middle of each finger wrap.

Step 4: Wrap up over knuckles 3-4 times, depending upon your hand size. (Usually for large hands: wrap 4 times, and for little hands: wrap 3 times)

Step 5: Wrap thumb once, then, afterward, wrap wrist once more.

Step 6: Put the red tracker on the top of your right wrist with the rounded edge towards your knuckles. You’ll put the blue tracker similarly on the top of your left side wrist.

Step 7: Wrap the tracker onto the wrist, then, at that point, get done with the wrapping on the wrist and close the velcro.

Repeat the same procedure for the other hand, and you’re all set!

How Tight to Wrap Your Boxing hand wraps?

You should wrap your hand wraps tight enough to the point of feeling comfortable, yet not much tight that you cut off blood flow. 

Your hand wraps shouldn’t be slipping on your hands, and you should have the option to move your fingers to the point of making a fist hand. 

So try to wrap your hands to some degree tighter around your wrists to make more stability where it is required most.

Tight to Wrap Your Boxing hand wraps

Can I Just Use Hand Wraps to Hit a Heavy Punching Bag?

Indeed, you can hit a heavy-weight punching bag by simply wearing hand wraps, yet this isn’t suggested for beginners. Both – the wraps and gloves are vital while learning appropriate forms and strategies. 

What Size of Hand Wraps Should I Opt For?

Boxing hand wraps are commonly 15-18 feet in length, which is a lot of material to wrap up around your hands! 

The length of boxing hand wraps for most people is determined by the size of your hands and how much additional cushioning you like. 

If you have much smaller hands, consider selecting a smaller size of hand wrap, to begin with, and feel how good it is in your gloves. Eventually, which wraps you pick depends on your personal preference. 

Which Is Better: Hand Wraps or Boxing Gloves?

Both – hand wraps and gloves are equally critical for beginner boxing. 

Just with continued training sessions, you would be able to consider skipping the gloves and utilizing just wraps. Besides, whenever you are utilizing gloves, you need to utilize wraps to hold your gloves safely from the beginning to smell worse. 

This is because the hand wraps retain the majority of the sweat from your hands and can be washed in-between between workouts, while, on the contrary, boxing gloves can’t.

Final Words

Boxing hand wraps are vital whenever you are wearing gloves.

Hand wraps are fundamental to prevent injury to the hands and wrists, and they will keep your gloves smelling fresh every day. Consider digging into the advantages and disadvantages of traditional wraps versus quick wraps, or even better, attempt both to see which you like better!

Even though hand wraps are not always necessary for boxing, we energetically suggest boxing wraps for beginners.

More experienced fighters might need to harden their hands by bare-knuckle boxing. This is solely after advanced training sessions to guarantee they don’t harm their wrists or hands.