How to Use Focus Mitt: Fight Like a Pro

Focus mitts are a vital part of boxing drills and they are not difficult to learn.

When used correctly, focus mitts help you develop speed, accuracy, timing, reflexes, coordination, and endurance.

If you’ve never used focus mitts before, you might be asking yourself what are focus mitts? How do I use them properly in my workout routine? What are the benefits of using focus mitts when working out in boxing training?

This article will give you tips on how you can get the most from your focus mitts.

The Use of Boxing Focus Mitts

Boxing Focus Mitts

Boxing training mitts are a recent invention. In the old days, the trainers would not make much use of the focus mitts.

However, with the several benefits that the mitts bring to the table, doing mitt work is something that is now a regular part of the routine for the boxers.

The benefits of focus mitt drills are as follows:

  1. It is something that comes closest to an actual fight because it teaches the boxer how to handle maneuvers without actually being in a fight.
  2. It improves punching skills when it comes to speed, power, timing, accuracy, endurance, and technique.
  3. Boxing drills with focus mitts improve offensive skills by teaching your body how to throw combinations and move around the ring at different angles.
  4. It improves defensive skills with regard to blocking, rolling, parrying, and slipping.
  5. It improves skills such as strategy, footwork, counter-punching, and style.

Using focus mitts offers several advantages over the traditional mode of training. And these include the following:

  1. Helps the fighter work on his defense and offense simultaneously;
  2. Stimulates the real fight and helps the fighter get used to dealing with a person who is constantly moving;
  3. Help get useful feedback on posture, speed, strength, and timing from the trainer; and
  4. Helps practice different moves and styles.

Boxing mitts workout can be fun and challenging when done with an experienced mitt holder. The mitt holder can mimic different opponents and their styles such that the boxer can learn and strategize his/ her defense, offense, and counterpunching.

Mitt workouts require a lot of energy and coordination while helping the boxer practice hard.

Boxing Mittwork Theory

When we talk about training using mitt work, it is useful for developing fighting reflexes, rhythm, accuracy, timing, and the skill for simultaneous offense and defense.

With mitt work training, boxers can hit the target at a controlled pace which will help them spot the opportunities in offensive and defensive moves.

Mitt’s work training is different as compared to that of the speed bag. When doing speed bag training, the fighter needs to hit the bag hard over and over again helping him get better with offensive techniques.

However, it does not give any regard to defensive techniques. That’s where focus mitt training scores over speed bag one, as in this, the defense too gets tested.

In mitt work training, as the target constantly keeps moving, the boxer learns how to maintain his/her rhythm while trying to punch with accuracy and timing.

Here, it is not about how hard one can punch. It is more about how well and accurately can one punch while strategizing on the next move, to gain an upper hand over the opponent. 

Boxing Mitt Workout Methods

In order to improve fighting skills using focus mitts, the boxer should try the following:

Power Drills

In this drill, the boxer punches the mitt with maximum power, maximum speed, and maximum intensity.

This drill does not help in skill development but is a great workout. With this, the boxer can develop strength and can help him/ her develop a rhythm for a fast-paced match.

Training with standing punching bags is also helpful in such focus mitt power drills. However, you can also use punching dummy bags that’ll give you more feeling while punching.

Offense and Defense Drills:

In this drill, the boxer does punching followed by defending. These moves go on alternatively and this drill helps stimulate the real environment.

In this, the defense moves are abrupt and sudden and can catch the fighter off-guard. This method greatly develops the natural reflexes of a fighter.

To increase the benefit, you can also start a workout using a speed bag. For that, you need to buy the best speed bag for boxing, and hang it somewhere using a speed bag swivel. Then start practicing as you want.

Boxing workout with focus mitts

Rhythm Drills

Using this drill, the boxer gets his/ her rhythm in place. With great rhythm, comes great footwork, and with great footwork, comes great timing and power.

This drill builds up coordination and fighting reflexes. This drill helps the fighter make a split-second decision.

Pure Defense Drills

Defense is as useful as the attack in boxing. With mitt training, the fighter can develop a great defensive technique while trying to improve his/ her reflexes.

Accuracy Drills

With this drill, the fighter learns how to hit the target more often than not, even when it is moving. At the end of the day, it is not about how hard you hit, it is about how well and how often you hit.

How to Use Focus Mitts in Boxing Drills

Using focus mitts in boxing drills allows the fighter to perfect his punching accuracy, power, speed, and defense techniques. The focus mitts also develop fighting reflexes and strategies.

Focus Mitt boxing drills

Moreover, they are a great way to develop your whole body as well as your mind, as they will improve your cardiovascular fitness along with your hand-eye coordination.

To start, begin by wearing the focus mitt and start throwing the traditional jab-cross while keeping your feet planted and following a good form and stance.

Doing so enables you to build tempo and rhythm with your sparring partner.

Focus on punch extension and hip movement as you execute the basic jab-cross movement concentrating on creating clean pad work that meets the boxer’s form and pace.

Once you build a rhythm with your partner, you can now add some variety and body shots to the basic jab-cross by striking the boxer’s sides, rib section, or arm.

This will create an opportunity for the boxer to block and counter your attacks.

Repeat the drill a couple more times while adding variety to your attacks and speed to develop muscle memory and proper form and stance.

Final Words

Focus mitts are an awesome tool for training. They allow you to work on many different aspects of your boxing game without having to dominate a partner for extended periods or constantly taking punches.

Boxing focus mitt drills are a staple of any boxer’s workout so if you haven’t started with this type of workout already, make sure to jumpstart your training by incorporating the equipment and drills that we have mentioned today.