Double-End Bag: Easy Step to Set-up at Home

There won’t be any professional boxer who hasn’t used a double-end punching bag

Other than those normal punching bags, these bags are built differently, and setting them up is pretty hard. Like any other gym routine, practicing with a double-end bag is crucial to being a better fighter. 

Therefore, if you are dreaming of being a professional boxer by training inside your house, you will need to hang a double-end bag at home other than those heavy punching bags. 

Here in this guide, we have explained how to set up a double-end bag at home with small and simple steps, so read it till the end. 

What Is A Double-End Bag?

As its name suggests, the double-end bag has two ends attached to the ceiling like any other punching bag. But, it’s also attached to the floor using strong cables. These bags are made of hard leather and can last for decades. 

Boxers mostly use double-end bags for improving eye and hand coordination. Moreover, training with a double-end bag increases accuracy. 

How To Set Up A Double-End Bag?

Setting up a double-end bag is way easier than you might think. However, we know many people cannot do it without proper guidance, so we are to explain both setup methods. 

There are two ways to set up the double-end bag. At the same time, it remains the fact that it will be set up vertically. 

Here are the two ways to set the bag explained below in detail. 

Method 1: Anchoring Directly to Floor and Ceiling

The best way to keep your double-end bag stable is to attach it to the floor and ceiling. However, for this, you need to drill holes into the ceiling, which might be a problem for some. But if you are comfortable with it, you must go with this method. 

What You’ll Need

  • Pen/ marker 
  • Double-end bag 
  • Bungee cord 
  • D rings 
  • Drilling machine 
  • Plumb bob 


  1. First, you need to find a perfect place for your double-end bag. Choose such a place where you can carry on with your daily chores by ignoring the bag. Moreover, the floor and ceiling at that point should be strong enough. 
  2. Further, take a marker or pen to mark the point on the ceiling where you want your double-end bag. Similarly, find the bottom anchoring point. You need a plumb blob for that. 
  3. Attach D rings to the top and bottom, anchoring points using a drilling machine over the marked points. 
  4. Lastly, attach your double-end bag to the D rings attached to the floor and ceiling. Tighten the bungee cord according to your preference. 

Method 2: Using a Stand and Weighted Base

You might know about the primary way of attaching the bag to the floor and ceiling. However, many people, including boxers, might be staying in rented apartments, or because of some reasons, it’s not possible to attach the bag to the floor and ceiling using ceiling and floor anchors. 

Therefore, there are stands exclusively for double-end bags where you can attach the upper end to the stand and the lower end to an anchor without drilling your ceiling or floor. 

What You’ll Need

  • Heavy bag stand 
  • Double-end bag 
  • Bungee cord 
  • Heavy floor base 


  1. To set up a double-end bag with a stand, attach the top bungee chord of the bag to the stand. It will already have a hook to attach the cord. 
  2. Further, place the heavyweight base perfectly below the bungee cord attached previously.
  3. Lastly, attach the other cord with the double-end bag to the base and tighten them accordingly.

Some Tips For Using Double End Bag

If you haven’t used a double-end bag before, it might be a tricky task for you. That’s because, unlike traditional punching bags, these bags don’t move from their place. However, it’s not that hard; you must have some patience. Here are some tips from our side to help you train with a double-end bag. 

  • If you are a beginner, always remember that double-end bags are only for practicing different moves with mild force. Do not exert a significant force on it. 
  • You have to watch your hand moments while punching double-ends bags. Also, there is no need to try complex moves for the first time. 
  • Increase the tension on the bungee cords if you don’t want your double-end bag to swing. 


After all, setting up a double-end bag is not that hard. With some guidance, anyone can do it. Hence, we hope now you know how to set up a double-end bag at home. 

If you can, attach the bag to the ceiling and floor. But, if you want to avoid drilling your floor and ceiling, get a heavy bag stand. Thanks for scrolling through!