Doorway Punching Bag: Everything You Want to Know

Should a space constraint factor stop you from practicing boxing with your punching bag? Absolutely not. 

I understand that living in a small apartment and having a dedicated space to hang your punching bag is hard. But what if I tell you that there is a solution? Yes, it is a doorway punching bag.

This article gives you a quick understanding of doorway punching bags, and I have also recommended two products. Now let’s get started. 

What Is A Doorway Punching Bag?

Doorway punching bags are designed to be compact and portable. So they can easily fit in apartments and small spaces. What is exciting about this punching bag is that it doesn’t make a noise, and the workout can be carried out in silence. So you won’t annoy your neighbors with your practice. 

Though these doorway bags don’t give you hardcore professional boxing practice sessions, they can at least help you continue your practice in your small apartment. 

This bag can be fitted into your door frame with tension rods and handle the hardest punches without budging.  So now you can create your boxing routine in your comfort with this type of punching bag. Trust me; it is worth it. 

Did it sound exciting? Well, I believe it does. 

Which Is The Best Doorway Punching Bag?

Now, if you want to invest in these bag types, I have two recommendations from the market. 

I have used and tested both and given my honest review. I will also tell you which holds the upper hand. 

Quiet Punching Bag

Quiet doorway punching bag

Quiet punch doorway smart punching bag is a portable boxing bag that can help you with apartment-friendly workouts. 

As the name implies, this gives out minimal noise when punched because it is engineered to produce minimal structural noise. So now you can work out without disturbing your neighbors.

The bag measures 12 inches and weighs just 4 pounds. It is made of soft composite foam, so it will be soft on your knuckles and won’t hurt much. 

As mentioned earlier, this bag won’t help you get high-end practice, but it can react similarly to a double-end bag than a heavy bag which is the selling point here. 

Also, its design helps in a low-impact workout that won’t do any long-term damage to your joints and shoulders. Amazing, isn’t it?

Talking about the bag specifications, the punching bag can be fixed on doorways measuring 28″ to 36″ using its tension rods. The best part is that you can rest assured that the tension rods don’t leave any marks or damage to your door frames. You can also refer to videos to set it under 60 seconds and also remove it quickly. 

Considering its small size, you can collapse and store it anywhere after removing the punching bag. It even fits your travel-sized bag. 

Lastly, the Quiet punching bag brand has given numerous workouts session in their application. You can download it and learn the tricks and follow various workouts. Not to mention, it is designed for children up to skilled boxers. 


2 aluminum adjustable tension rods for support

12-inch punching bag

You get a free app with numerous workouts 

It can be set up in 60 seconds

Title Boxing Bag Set

Title Boxing Doorway Bag Set

Coming up next is another doorway bag set, and this time it’s from Title boxing which lets you take advantage of limited boxing training space. 

Title boxing bags are ideal for accuracy, speed work, and precision punching. Unlike a quiet punching bag, this one is round in shape, resembling a ball. So it suits high-speed punching bag practice sessions. 

The 8 inches ball has a leather out cover, and four attached metal D-rings with the other end connected to the four nylon-wrapped accordion attachments resistance bands. These bands are then connected to strong PVC attachment clips. 

One of the exciting features of this bag is that it can be adjusted by the spacing between two-doorway bars for varied resistance. 

You can adjust the tension and speed by the spacing between the two-doorway bars to experience varied resistance. Other advantages this punching bag provides are that it improves speed, hand-to-eye coordination, and superior conditioning, which add amazing value to your boxing game. 

This punching bag is also easy and simple to set up and remove. You can practice every punch in the arsenal using this bag. However, while practicing, this bag didn’t take heavy punches, and the tension rods were a bit weak and fell off a few times.


8 inches bag

‎PVC, Leather outer material 

The hanging Bars can be adjusted from 28″ to 42″.

Final Words

Before I even declare which is the best, you know the answer. 

Yes, it’s the quiet punching bag. 

Unlike the Title boxing bag, this adds more value, takes hard punches, and stays in place. It is durable and reliable. So the quiet punching bag is highly recommended if you are looking to invest in the best doorway punching bags. 

If freestanding punch bags or heavy bags is not your option, consider doorway punching bags. Thanks for reading through!