Boxing Vs Kickboxing: The Difference Between the Two

Two words, boxing and kickboxing, don’t come off so different from each other – do they? Look, they even have the word boxing attached to them.

But surprise, as it turns out, these two sports vary in terms of rules and regulations. For one, boxing strictly prohibits the fighters from using anything other than their fists. While on kickboxing, they can use a lot of their body parts such as hands, feet, elbows, and knees. In fact, they are even allowed to throw people to and against the ground.

Well, how about that? Doesn’t that sound intriguing enough for you? Guess what, that’s just snippets of what’s really ahead. So, let me elaborate them detail by detail so you’ll know exactly how these two sports differ from each other.

Which is better? Boxing or kickboxing?

The Realms of Boxing

In the realms of boxing, the fighting styles and abilities are deliberately different from kickboxing. Generally, the movements will be more on punches, footwork, and head movements.

Due to the nature of this sport, fighters train a lot in throwing punches and executing quick jabs or hooks than most kickboxers are able to do.

If you enroll in boxing classes, I can almost guarantee you that your overall physical condition will improve. This will include your bodily endurance, as well as your hand-eye coordination.

This is because as you train, your upper body and core muscles will continuously develop. To add, your mental stamina will improve largely. It sounds amazing, right?

To simply put, boxers are mostly trained for punches – including the way they’re thrown and with what pacing.  Hence, it is important to work on your physical strength and practice a time-tested fighting style before the day of your fight. Plus, it’s a good self-defense tool as well.

The Boxing Drawback

Now, you don’t expect me to tell you only the good things about boxing, right? As you might’ve expected, there are certain limitations or drawbacks that are accounted for in the name of a fist fight.

As previously mentioned, training for boxing is mainly all about your upper body’s strength. Therefore, any type of leg work will put you in a disadvantage.

In line with that, your skills will be limited to any strikes related to the upper body. This means that basic takedown defense or blocking any forward kicks will throw you off-guard.

Now, imagine you end up on the ground. That would be a nightmare turned into a reality of disaster, right?

In conclusion, boxing as a self-defense tool will not help you as much as kickboxing can. This is for the reason of lack of techniques to throw off the attacker or force them to submission.

Should I train in boxing or kickboxing?

The Kickboxing Overview

Onto the next one, here we have the kickboxing sport. As an overview, it uses the entire body for fighting and not just any single body part per se.

This means that your entire body’s strength will improve all throughout the training. The results can come naturally as you consistently and persistently work with your knees, feet, elbow, head, and hands.

What’s more, the techniques and fighting styles employed are usable for attacks inside and outside of the ring. This sport as a self-defense mechanism is actually a helpful one. Likewise, moving defensively and offensively against an opponent will be easier for you.

Setting aside the competitive fights, kickboxing can be a good workout routine for people who want to lose weight, gain muscles, or maintain body fitness. If by a chance, Bruce Lee is your fitness inspiration, then you might be in luck!

Bruce Lee, the martial arts legend, actually used this sport to develop and later maintain his overall body fitness. As to say, it’s a good way to burn calories and define your muscles.

The Fault in Kickboxing

A straightforward answer to this would be the lack of footwork skills. As you know now, boxing involves a lot of time practicing and mastering their footwork. However, in kickboxing, it is not much of a priority during training.

To be more specific, your stance will mostly involve squaring where the middle of your body is stretched from that angle. To add, your head movement won’t do you any justice either.

Final Words

Boxing and kickboxing can be confusing at times. For the most part, you may spend some of your time figuring what the difference between the two is. Or if there is a difference at all.

However, as discussed above, they are obviously not a single sport but a separate one. Moreover, there’s no saying which is better than the other because as you’ve seen, they have a fair share of pros and cons. 

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