MMA Gloves Vs Boxing Gloves: How Are They Different?

To say that gloves are unarguably the most piece of equipment a fighter should wear is an understatement. If any, it’s a two-piece of holy grail that can either make or break a fighter’s performance. Here we discuss MMA Gloves Vs Boxing Gloves

In the practice of MMA and Boxing, the gloves used by each respective fighter are actually different. Perhaps you might find this surprising, but I’m here to confirm such news for you.

But really, it shouldn’t come as a surprise because MMA Gloves Vs Boxing Gloves are two different sports so their hand equipment should differ as well – as it’s supposed to. Thus, let me tell you how they differ in terms of types, finger wraps, padding, and hand wraps.

a guide between MMA gloves vs boxing gloves
FeatureMMA GlovesBoxing Gloves
DesignOpen-fingered gloves with individual finger slotsClosed-fingered gloves with a thumb attachment
PaddingLess padding to allow for grappling and submission holdsMore padding to protect hands from repeated punches
WeightGenerally lighter, around 4-6 ouncesGenerally heavier, around 10-16 ounces
PurposeDesigned for mixed martial arts, which includes striking and grapplingDesigned specifically for boxing and punching
Hand MovementAllows for more flexibility and range of motion in the handLimits movement in the hand for a better punching technique
ClosuresMay have Velcro closures or lacesUsually have lace-up closures
DurabilityOften less durable due to the lighter weight and less paddingMore durable due to heavier weight and thicker padding
TrainingUseful for MMA training and sparringUsed for boxing training and sparring
CompetitionRequired for MMA competitionsRequired for boxing competitions
CostGenerally less expensive than boxing glovesGenerally more expensive than MMA gloves

It’s important to note that while there are differences between MMA gloves and boxing gloves, both serve their respective purposes well and are designed to protect the hands of the fighters.

MMA Gloves Vs Boxing Gloves

The Types of MMA Gloves

1. Competition gloves 

As the name suggests, these gloves are used for competitions, especially the official ones. Regardless of your mastery level, be it professional or amateur, these gloves should be used when fighting inside the cage.

For professionals, a standard size of four ounces in padding is advised. While for the amateurs, a standard size of 6 oz is recommended.

 2. Sparring gloves 

Another one is these sparring gloves which are mainly used for sparring exercises. In terms of weight, these gloves are heavier than the abovementioned competition gloves.

 In fact, they have a standard size of seven ounces so the fighters will be well-protected during any sparring activity.

These gloves are another hand equipment used in mixed martial arts bouts. They are mainly used during training sessions where grappling is commonly practiced, hence the name.

Out of all gloves, they have the slightest amount of padding with fewer constraints on the fighters’ fingers. Therefore, they allow the fighters to move their hands more freely when needed.

Which one hits harder? MMA gloves or boxing gloves?

The Types of Boxing Gloves

1. Bag gloves

The first one on the list is the big gloves which are fitter for doing strenuous exercises such as punching heavy bags. In fact, these gloves are specifically designed for this purpose.

However, using these types of gloves for boxing or sparring is not recommended. As for its standard size, it ranges from eight to sixteen ounces. Pretty heavy, right?

 2. Sparring gloves

Onto the next one are these sparring gloves which are the same ones as that of MMA. They are designed primarily for protection during athletic and sparring activities.

There are many available sizes for this one but the most common ones range from four to twenty ounces. You can also opt to have it custom-made so the gloves will fit your hands more comfortably.

3. Competition gloves

These are more or less like sparring glove, but it is specifically designed for official competitions. Particularly, they are used in line with international boxing’s standards of the fight.

All in all, they have lesser padding compared to the other gloves. Hence, a standard size of eight to twelve ounces is typically seen.

4. Lace-up gloves

Finally, we have the lace-up gloves. To be frank, you are only advised to use these gloves if you’ve already reached the level of a professional in boxing.

What’s good about these gloves is their flexibility which means they can be either used for training or official competition. Generally, it fits a standard size of eight to sixteen ounces. If you’d ask me, it is a pretty good deal.

They Differ in Terms Of:

The Fingers Wrap

Depending on which glove is used, it has this certain padded compartment that wraps your fingers like mittens. This also adds to the factor of comfortability for the fighters’ sake.

As for MMA fighters, the finger wraps tend to separate the fingers just like any other gloves and leave the final knuckles and fingertips exposed. This is a particular design for the purpose of grappling actions during the match.

The Amount of Padding

The other factor to be considered when nitpicking the difference is to look at the estimated amount of padding. For one, boxing gloves are typically made with a high amount of padding with a pound of soft material.

On the other hand, MMA gloves are sleeker, thinner, and less padded.

 Hand Wraps

The last one perhaps is the use of hand wraps. For boxers, it is quite a necessity to keep their wrists protected since they do a lot of punching. Hence, the size of their hand wraps is extra-loaded to accommodate that much of stress.

While in MMA, hand wraps aren’t much of a priority. But they do have one which is characterized by a more compact material with little space between hands.

Final Words

In conclusion, MMA gloves vs boxing gloves serve different purposes in their respective sports. MMA gloves provide more dexterity and allow for grappling and submission techniques, while boxing gloves offer more protection and support for punching. It’s important to note that using the wrong type of gloves in either sport can lead to injury or even disqualification.

Whether you’re a professional fighter or just training for fitness, understanding the differences between MMA gloves and boxing gloves is crucial for your safety and performance.