How To Kick A Punching Bag: A Detailed Guide

If you aim to become a kickboxer, then it is crucial to master Kicks. To win fights, your kickboxing kicks must be powerful and effective. And what is more effective than to kick a punching bag? 

Well, there are different types of kicks done in martial arts. However, if you are a kickboxing beginner, you can try out three interesting kicks given here. The best part is practicing these kicks using a punching bag at your home pace.

This article will guide you on how to kick a punching bag. Now let’s get started.

How To Kick A Punching Bag?

There are three different ways to kick a punching bag, namely, Front kick, roundhouse kick, and knee strike. 

1. Front Kick

Front Kick: How to kick a punching bag

If anyone was told to kick, the first thing they do is a front kick. The front kick is the basic among the three kicks and is practiced by beginner boxers. This long-range style of kickboxing is said to be the safest kickboxing kick. 

Now let’s learn how to kick a punching bag with the front kick.

Step 1:

First, stand facing the punching bag from a distance to have enough space for you to throw a punch. 

Step 2:

Now take a wide-leg stance with one foot forward and the toes pointing towards the punching bag. The back foot must point out in a comfortable position. Both knees should be bent slightly, and your feet must be flat on the floor. 

Step 3:

You must keep your torso upright, position your fists in front of your chest, and pose like a boxer. 

Step 4:

Use your front foot to take a small step forward and shift your weight onto your front leg. Now kick the punching bag with your back foot with some force and extend your back leg to push your football into the heavy bag.

Step 5: 

Once you have kicked the punching bag, step your kicking leg back and again return to the starting stance. 

2. Roundhouse Kick

Roundhouse Kick a punching bag

You must have seen this kick in most martial art movies. This kicking is another common one but needs extra care while performing. Now let’s find out how to do it. 

Follow the first three steps given in the Front Kick.

Once you are standing posing like a boxer, you can follow the next steps.

Step 4:

Use your front foot to take a small step forward and shift your weight onto your front leg. As you step, rotate your front foot with your toes pointing outwards and use this force to kick with your bare foot. 

Step 5:

While you give a kick, you must rotate your hips to turn on your front foot and bring your front heel towards the heavy bag to strike the bag using your shinbone top in the center of your kicking leg.

Step 6:

By pivoting on your front toes, you will allow your front foot and knees to rotate together to bring your back leg to contact with the side of the punching bag without twisting or pulling your front knee. 

Once you have kicked the punching bag, you can stop your kicking leg back and return to your original position. 

Knee Strike

Knee Strike a punching bag

A knee strike or Knee kick is the most powerful kick, and it’s simple to do. The knee kick works best when the attacker has their hands in her body. Also, the best part is the kick will not cause any knee pain, so you can rest assured when doing this. 

Follow the below-given steps and do a Knee Kick on your punching bag:

Step 1:

Stand in front of the heavy bag and ensure that the bag is standing stead.

Step 2:

Now stand with your legs wide and ensure one foot is pointed forward with toes pointing toward the heavy bag. At this position, your knees must be bent slightly with your feet flat on the floor. 

Step 3:

Now hold the bag with both hands. Then lean towards the bag with a step forward and use the momentum to pull your back knee into the bag. Now focus on exploding through your back hip to give force to the strike. 

Step 4:

Once you contact the punching bag with the knee, get back to the starting position.


To reap the benefits of kickboxing and win a match, you must give out powerful kicks. Kickboxing necessitates the use of both the upper and lower body. So it is also crucial to balance your body correctly. 

Also, when getting a solid workout, kicking a punching bag can help you relieve some stress. You will be able to handle it properly. 

Thanks for scrolling through. Cheers!