How Long Does A Boxing Match Last? Based on Data

Did you know that when compared to all sports, boxing matches have the most varied contest lengths? The contest length varies based on the professionals and amateurs. So, how long do boxing matches last?

After 1982, the rules and regulations were changed, and even in 2022, they are applicable. Be it any heavyweight boxing match; the rules are strictly followed. 

I have answered almost all questions related to boxing matches and the rounds in this article. So pump up to read this completely. Now let’s get started.  

What Is A Boxing Round?

A boxing round is a time duration where two opposing boxers compete against each other without a break. But this duration excludes some circumstances like gumshield coming out of a boxer’s mouth or a low blow. 

There will be a bell rang which signifies the start of a round, along with a formal announcement from the master of ceremonies at the event. And finally, the bell again rang at the end of the round. 

How Many Rounds Are In A Boxing Fight?

The number of rounds in a boxing match depends on the situation of the contest. Compared to the old days when matches lasted for 15 rounds, today, most boxing fights consist of four or 12 to the maximum. 

Twelve-round fights are often used in world championships. Whereas boxing matches with new debuts boxers play for lesser rounds. However, some debutants start with 4-round fights and work up to 6, 8, or 10-rounders until they are ready for championship matches. 

How Long Are Professional Boxing Rounds?

A professional boxing match’s round lasts for three minutes with a one-minute interval. The length of a single boxing round remains the same irrespective of how many rounds the match is set on. 

However, women’s professional and debut boxing matches have a two-minute rule instead of three-minute. And here also, the length doesn’t change irrespective of the number of rounds. 

How Long Is A Boxing Match?

The duration of a boxing match of a four-round amateur or low-level match can last as long as 15 minutes where there would be 4 rounds. 

A six-round match would run for 23 minutes.

An eight-round match has a maximum allotted time of 31 minutes. 

A ten-round match lasts for 39 minutes. 

Those days, a 15-round boxing match was conducted for 90 minutes, including the breaks and pre and post-fight programs. 

Whereas a 12-round match conducted in 2022 lasts for 47 minutes, including 11 minutes of intervals.

How Do Boxing Matches End?

how long is a boxing round

Now that you have read about how long the boxing matches last, you must also learn how these boxing matches end. 

Most people assume that the boxing match ending is up to the boxers inside the ring. Well, it is not exactly true. Other forces determine the ending point of a pro boxing match

So the boxing matches can end by,


When the boxer violates the rule, then he/she is stopped by the referee’s discretion


When one of the fighters falls to the canvas and finds it hard to rise within ten seconds is considered a knockout.

Technical knockout

If a referee concludes that one fighter can’t continue the match safely, it’s a technical knockout. 


Each boxing match will have at least 3 judges who can decide about concluding a match if the fight goes for multiple rounds. This decision can be either split, unanimous, or drawn decision. 

So disqualification, technical knockout, and knockout are ended before the end of a 12-round pro boxing, where the decision ending is done after a 12-round bout ends without a clear knockout or technical knockout. 

Why Are Boxing Matches Conducted More Than 15 Rounds?

Until 1982, boxing matches were conducted for more rounds. But what made it to 12 rounds was the WBA lightweight championship match between Ray Mancini and Koo Kim. 

This match ended tragically with Duk Koo Kimm passing away in the 14th round. Also, this match was telecasted nationally. So after this event, WBA decided to reduce the boxing match rounds to 12. And this decision had both mixed views from fans. However, over time, it proved to be a great decision considering the safety of the fighters. 


On average, the quick answer to how long is a boxing match is 5.9 rounds or 21 minutes and 42 seconds. However, you can’t rely on this because the fighter competing plays a huge part in how long a boxing contest can extend or how fast a punch is put to an end. 

However, boxing matches don’t exceed 15 rounds, and this decision has been made concerning the safety and health of the boxers.  I hope this article has cleared most of your doubts regarding boxing matches.