Boxing For Women: Benefits & Other Must Know facts

Boxing is often assumed as a combat sport for men. But the truth is women are also eligible for this sport, and many are shining well in this field. You can either choose boxing as a sport or indulge it in your fitness journey. 

Either way, you are bound to reap a lot of benefits. From burning fat to gaining core strength and handling anxiety and stress, boxing benefits your body and mind. If you are a woman planning to try boxing, read this article to get well informed about the benefits of boxing for women.

How Can Boxing Benefit Women?

I will bust some myths and point out the actual facts via the benefits listed below.

boxing benefits for women

Tone your muscles

There is a widespread myth that women get a bulky look when they indulge in boxing. But when you get into boxing to get fit or train the sport, your muscles will get toned, which you love, and gain natural strength. 

Burns fat and improves endurance

People often assume that walking on the treadmill for an hour every day helps them lose weight. Wrong! To get the best results in your weight loss journey, combine aerobic exercise(walking, jogging) with anaerobic(jumping, sprinting). 

Aerobic exercises are best for building endurance. Whereas anaerobic exercises maintain muscle mass and lose fat fast. 

Boxing is 70 to 80% anaerobic and 20 to 30% aerobic. I know losing weight is a big headache for women. Instead of doing many workout types to lose weight, try boxing. It helps women burn visceral fat, flatten their stomachs and increase strength and stamina. So this aerobic and anaerobic activity combo in boxing is a great tool to get into shape. 

Endorphin release

The endorphin hormone is your body’s natural pain reliever, and it can boost your mood. 

Any sporting activity helps release endorphin, and given the intensity of boxing, it releases this hormone quickly and reduces stress.

If you want to balance your hormones and improve your mood, boxing workouts are the best. Especially for women, this is a gift because every woman knows that their hormones can dance depending on their age, menstrual cycle, and other factors. So boxing can help put things in order. 

Overall, boxing workouts can help both physical and mental endurance. 

Learn self-defense skills

I can’t stress enough how much important it is for women to learn self-defense skills. You need to be prepared to defend yourself in some situations, and learning boxing can help you out. 

You will learn how to throw fast and strong punches, and at the same time, you will duck and block the hits from others. So this helps improved endurance and be more alert and focused while handling your opponent. 

boxing as slef-defence skill for women

Enhance cardiovascular fitness

Boxing improves your heart rate, which strengthens your heart muscles. Did you know that boxing and HIIT training lowers both diastolic and systolic blood pressure? Yes, by reducing blood pressure and maintaining it at a normal level, there will be a decrease in stress levels in your blood vessels. 

Also, boxing combines recovery and intensity, so when you work with a punching bag, sparring, or skipping, the training will increase your endurance and thus gain cardiovascular fitness. But don’t get into high-intensity training directly. There are gender-based workouts as well. So get proper guidance before indulging in high-end boxing workouts. 

Get a full-body workout

Many assume that boxing gives a nice upper-body workout, but the truth is boxing gives you a full-body workout. Those ducks, lunges, and bobs help shape your thighs and glutes. The best part is your core is engaged during boxing training.

Overall, boxing training combines different exercise forms, namely cardiovascular training, high-intensity, and strength training, making it a well-rounded and full-body workout. 

Improves balance

Yes, you read it right! Boxing, a movement-intensive activity, helps in coordinated footwork. This helps you develop reactive movement strategies to changing conditions and muscular strength.

These things contribute to enhancing your body balance.

Improves self-confidence

As already told, boxing can benefit in many ways, as mentioned above. I can also tell you that it is one of the best-known ways to beat stress healthily. But another advantage of women learning boxing is that it helps boost self-confidence.

Yes, learning the basic boxing techniques and practicing them will increase your self-confidence. If you are a woman dealing with self-esteem issues, I bet that boxing can help you out. 


Women are concerned about their fitness and love to stay in shape. Instead of trying out various workouts to lose weight, why not try boxing? The above benefits are enough for you to either incorporate boxing into your fitness journey. Or take it like your favorite sport and become a professional boxer. 

Either way, it is a win-win situation for a woman. I hope you found this blog informative. Cheers!