Basic Boxing Combinations For Beginners

Did you know that a good boxing combination used at the right moment can help you win a match

Yes, it is true.

First, understand that boxing combinations aren’t boxing rules but are concepts that help you give a clean shot. This is why, as a beginner is always recommended to practice the combinations well. So what are the absolute best boxing combinations for beginners?

If you are into boxing and looking for basic boxing combinations, we have got you covered. You can practice these punches with either a reflex bag/heavy bag or shadow boxing.

Boxing contains four types of punching combination tactics that we have discussed below. And guess what? All of the combos can be easily performed by any beginners!

Two Punch Combinations

In a two-punch combination, two blows are given in a consecutive series in boxing, especially a left lead followed by a right cross. This is a basic step in a combination that beginners can also use.

One – two combination 

This is one of the best beginner-friendly punching combos. One – two combinations are a type of combination in boxing. Where a cross follows the jab. In jab, the punches are thrown in the lead hand then the boxer attacks the opponent by hitting with a backhand. 

Jab and a lead hook

beginner boxing combos

This punch is a power pack and is mostly thrown with the front hand. Some boxers will lead with a hook; it is usually thrown in the series of one, two, three, with the cross; this punch is often most effective. The hook is also an effective weapon when it’s counter-with striking. Step into the punch about 90 degrees by your foot to create as much power behind your hook. 

Cross – with the lead hook

By doing this, You’re in a rectilinear position, making yourself a complicated target. You can also do the cross with a lead hook to the body (2-3b). This shot will weaken the opponent until he/she slips up, and you put a right cross in there. When throwing a rear-hand hook, rotate your hips for power.

Double up punches

There are 216 3-punch combos without any variation. Start with your weight lifted toward your back foot. 

Continue the above step with a jab; when they are combined, it gives more possible results.

It gives variation by throwing the cross as an overhand. Double-up punches are the continuous stabbing for your competitor.

Three Punch Combinations

beginner punching combos for boxing

Jab, hook, and the cross is preferably called a three-punch combo. The shift of your weight will naturally set the left hook up. Then the left hook comes after your right cross, giving a powerful hit to your opponent. You can aim it high at competitors’ faces. The left hook is comparatively dangerous or not; your right cross lands.

Jab – Jab – Cross (1-1-2)

Another simple punching combo here yet so deadly when you learn different types of old “jab-jab-cross.” Many trainers have stated that the 1-1-2 is boxing’s best combo than any other combo. 

Jab- cross-hook (1-2-3)

It is so simple yet so deadly when you learn different types of old “jab-jab-cross.” Many trainers have stated repeatedly that the 1-1-2 is boxing’s best combo, better than any other combo.

Jab – Cross – Jab (1-2-1)

The double-jab cross combination is the most dangerous boxing combination ever. It’s so powerful and tricky that you could use it repeatedly. 1-1-2 was the golden combination. You have to use it in the same order that I stated above. Jab cross jab your punch becomes more powerful when you use this in a linear position.

Jab – Cross – (Slip) Cross (1-2-2)

When we practice the drills, the person normally throws spaces out the two punches, so it’s easy to slip right for the jab, then left for the right, and repeat. Mind this order while practicing this.

Jab- right uppercut – left hook 

This is a classic combination that is built on previous combinations. After throwing a jab and cross, you throw a left hook to the head. This combination is effective because the opponent is often preoccupied with straight punches and will put up a guard in his or her face. 

Four Punch Combinations 

boxing combination for beginners

We are supposed to have one more punch to it in this combo. This is a power pack punch that your opponent ever faced. Here you are going to apply the Jab crosses and hook together. There is a possibility while using this punch, your opponent’s head gets hurt, or they have to face a jaw fracture.

 1-2-3-2 (Jab-Cross-Hook-Cross)

This combo is another pack of weapons; this contains four variant methods. This practice made your opponent weak with a couple of kicks. You must hook your opponent’s head and paste a jab to make your competitor swing. While this confused state just lands a full power pack kick and makes them reach the ground.

  1 – 2 – 5-2 (jab-cross – left uppercut)

This is an expansion of the jab-cross combination which we saw earlier and one of the effective punching combos. You have to throw two straight punches to the opponent’s head. This is used for two purposes: one to block your opponent’s vision and the other to force your opponent to raise their hands to protect their head. 

Jab – Right uppercut – Left hook- Cross (1-6-3-2)

It can be a bit boring always with the 1-2. Also, the cross may be slipped by your opponent. When he faces you, you have a chance; that punch will be more effective and cause massive hurt to your opponent. This punch will hit your opponent’s leg if you land it properly. You mastered boxing if you keep on practicing this combo.


These are the best and most effective boxing combos for beginners and other martial arts athletes. 

If you are a beginner, there is almost no chance of winning when fighting against an experienced boxer if you are unaware of these boxing combinations. 

To do any of these, you must wear hand gloves to protect yourself, which are rough. 

Boxing by the numbers which is counting the punches isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. With practice, you will get it.

The benefits and winning rates will increase if you follow these in your day-to-day boxing workout practice sessions. Hope these boxing combos for beginners were helpful.