What are the Benefits of Reflex Bag?

The reflex bag is probably not seen a lot but it is perhaps the best exercise out there, presumably the most underestimated in the boxing world.

The primary reason for working out on a reflex bag is to further develop coordination, speed of punches, attempting various mixes of punches, and keeping away from approaching punches from the opponent, all at the same time.

Keep reading this detailed article to see more with regards to reflex bags, a few simple tips on how you can utilize them, and what their advantages are.

What Is a Reflex Bag?

reflex bag

A reflex punching bag is a small bag mounted with a reflexive pole joined to a heavyweight base. The pole comprises a spring which gives it flexibility.

The speed of the reflex bag changes by the placement of the spring on the pole. 

These advantages of reflex bags change the speed of the bag.

If the spring is on a higher level on the pole, the reflex bag moves slowly which makes it simpler to punch. It is highly suggested for beginners make sure they become familiar with punching the moving objects right in the middle.

On the contrary, if the spring is on the lower level on the pole, the reflex bag moves quickly which makes it truly challenging to hit and it is for expert fighters. 

Benefits Of Reflex Bag

reflex bag benefits
  1. Develop Hand-Eye Coordination 

Punching a reflex bag is focused all around timing. The fast movements of the reflex bag assist you with matching up your mind and hands together. You need to think about where the bag will be and the point at which your punch arrives at it.

This will assist you in a fight more than you think. To anticipate your opponent’s next best move and respond to it in a split few seconds can win you any battle in the ring.

  1. Improve Your Speed

The reflex bag is perhaps the quickest-moving bag out there. Not like the traditional heavyweight bag, it comes at you at max speed. You lack the opportunity and energy to think in the middle of punches. To utilize a reflex bag perfectly, you need to think 2,3 punches ahead.

  1. Helpful in Practicing Defense

A reflex bag is exceptionally useful if you are attempting to practice defense. Since the reflex bag is at the height of eye level, it moves around your face when you punch it. Which mimics the punches coming from your opponent.

Its quick speed additionally helps you a lot to remain active during a fight and protect yourself.

  1. Further Develops Footwork

At the point when you move ahead from simply hitting the reflex bag to hooks and different punches, it moves toward each direction, for which you likewise need to move a lot to time your punches. This assists you with working on your footwork.

  1. Great Source of Cardio

While working out on a reflex bag, you need to move a lot which makes you move all aspects of your body. You get a total exercise of your body, including your brain, since you must be mentally present there and think sharp and execute your punches.

Reflex Bag Tips and Tricks

  • Keep the Area Clear

If you place your reflex bag in a jam-packed space, you will end up punching it into something and breaking things accidentally.

You should always ensure that the whole radius of the bag is clear of any furniture or delicate materials since they can break, harm your pack, or hurt you when you move around.

  • Safeguard Your Hands

While the reflex bag might appear to be smaller in size and lightweight, as you punch it, it will get on a high speed. If you don’t wear any protection (boxing gloves or hand wraps), all that energy will be moved into your hands and wrists after some time, causing extensive pain and possibly wounds.

Final Words

Reflex bag exercise is one of the most beneficial training exercises if that is not the most underestimated exercise in boxing. It gives you speed, and better footwork, and works on your defense. If you are a beginner boxer, this bag is an unquestionable must-purchase for you.

Not just it is extremely useful in working on your fighting abilities, yet it is additionally exceptionally cheap and easily movable from one place to another. For this reason, you will see this bag in the personal gym setup of a large number of fighters.