How To Slip And Roll In Boxing: Step-by-Step Guide

What makes a great boxer? It’s the defense skills. And slip and roll in boxing is one of these skills.

Any boxer needs to learn to stop themselves from being hit when they fight the opponent and protect themselves. Pro boxers study their opponents and understand how they defend themselves to attack them accurately. 

The slip and roll boxing movements are among the essential defensive moves anyone in boxing must learn. If you are looking for how to slip and roll in boxing work, you must read this article to become well informed about this defense technique

Why We Slip And Roll in Boxing?

why do Slip And Roll In Boxing

Before getting into how slip and roll in boxing works, let’s learn why you must slip and roll while playing the match. Yes, already said, it is a defense technique, but this holds much importance as it helps you to avoid getting punched. 

Learning to defend is equally important as learning how to throw punches. Most professional boxers learn how to slip and roll in boxing for defensive and offensive functions. 

In simple words, to avoid getting punched, you move defensively, and to throw punches by balancing yourself, you move forward offensively. So the slip and roll technique in boxing will teach you how to defend and throw punches. 

How To Slip And Roll In Boxing?

Two essential things that help carry out the slip and roll movement properly are your footwork and hip hinging, which maintains your balance and control. 

The slip

The slip is ahead movement is done to avoid punches. This defense tactic involves both your head and your legs. First, you must get the head off the line, and when you move your head to one side of your shoulder to avoid the blow, you have completed a boxing slip. 

This movement must be subtle to get it done correctly. So when your opponent is throwing a punch or a jab, you can slip either to your left or right. 

However, the head movement mentioned here is not that easy to perform. This is considered an advanced defense move, and it takes lots of practice to get it done correctly.

Once you have slipped your head correctly, you must recover quickly and counterpunch your opponent before they recover.

So while you learn how to slip(move your head), you must, alongside, learn to bend your knee and drop your upper body by bending your hip a bit. 

When you bend your hip correctly, you can lower your body out of the punching range to avoid the attack and still keep your eyes on your opponent and your powerline strong. 

The slip, slip

To perform this slip, slip technique, you must move your head from one side to the other. 

If you are an orthodox fighter, you must perform this move by slipping right first and then slipping to the left. This type of fighter will have their left foot out front while their right arm and foot are behind. So, to perform the slip correctly; you must follow this. 

On the other hand, if you are a southpaw fighter, you must slip first to the left and then to the right.

So now comes the question, when must you use this slip-slip technique? When a two-punch combo is thrown at you, you can handle the situation with this defense tactic. 

The slip-slip is two slips tactic, one right after another. So you can use the same bend in the knee and hip hinge pattern already used for a regular slip. 

The Slip, Slip, Roll

This tactic helps you avoid a punch combo that begins with a jab, goes to a straight right hand, and finishes with a hook. You must learn to slip the first two punches and roll the third to handle this. 

You may ask why. 

This punch combo ends with a typical hook after a jab and a right hand. So the opponent might use looping punches to hooks using both left and right hands. Using the technique slip-slip and roll, you can avoid the type of boxing combinations. 

So when you perform the slipping movement, you will bend your knee and hinge your hip, but to carry out the roll you must bend your knees, step to the right and then roll onto your foot to avoid the hook. 

You must bend in a way to avoid the complete hook until it passes over your head. 

That’s how you perform the slip, slip and roll boxing defense technique. 


There is no pro boxing match with this slip-and-roll defense technique. Learning to defend yourself is highly important to guard yourself against getting hit. So, it is advised to learn this technique properly. 

As already told, performing the slip and roll technique takes time and effort to master. There are many drills that help you get the right focus. Try it out and get the right information to get things done properly.