Best Boxing Pads in 2022: Finest Mitts for Your Training

Boxing pads are made to absorb high-impact blows while training with your partner. It is an efficient way to develop and master different boxing skills and techniques and protective gear for the wearer and boxer.

The proper boxing pads should draw out your strength during training sessions and provide a shield to protect you and your partner against accidental injuries.

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Best Muay Thai Pads in 2022: Best Mitts for Training in 2022

Muay Thai pads provide the ideal way to deliver strikes during training without damaging or causing injuries to the holder. 

They are used to absorb the impact of any punches, kicks, or knees you throw at your sparring partner so you can train at full power and potential.

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Best Muay Thai Shorts in 2022: Durable & Extremely Comfortable

Muay Thai shorts are a must for training and competition. They allow for greater mobility and a more comprehensive range of motion, enabling you to execute high kicks efficiently.

It can be hard to find a good pair of shorts, especially with so many options on the market right now. 

Check out the list of the best Muay Thai shorts below to help you find the right pair for you.

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Best Punching Bags for Kids & Teenagers: With Updated Buyer’s Guide

Kids sure have overflowing energy, and as parents, you somehow have to manage it for their benefit.

Engaging them in boxing will help them exert that energy to develop their strength, flexibility, and stamina at a young age.

But of course, you want that experience to be as enjoyable and safe for them as possible. That’s why it is crucial to choose the right suitable equipment for them.

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Best Boxing Hand Wraps in 2022: Easy to Use with Step by Step Process

The boxing gloves alone are insufficient to provide the optimal protection, and security one needs while fighting or boxing in tournaments or training sessions.

You also need to wrap your hands and cover your wrist, knuckles, and palm with a hand wrap for supplementary protection from the instant and unpredictable strong punches from your opponents.

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Best Boxing Gloves for Kids & Youth: With Updated Pros & Cons for 2022

Boxing is a fun sport for many young boys and girls, as a game and training.

If your kids want to try boxing, the first thing you need to do is appropriately equip them with a good pair of boxing gloves. 

Having suitable boxing gloves for young players protect their hands from potential injuries and boosts their performance and confidence when throwing punches.

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The Best Jiu Jitsu Spats For You

The word “spats” is more or less same to that of yoga pants, leggings, jogging pants, or compression pants. The difference is, “spats” is more specific in the industry of a combat sport called Jiu jitsu.

As we all know, choosing the right spats for you will effectively boost productivity and improve overall performance. After all, it is a sports gear that you use during long hours of training. So, if you do not feel comfortable wearing your spats, then it will surely affect your performance.

It is not a secret how hard it is to find the right spats for you. Hence, we have made this very helpful list of spats in different brands to cut you some slack. Without further ado, let’s get into spat-haunting!

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The Best Mats for Home-Training: Jiu Jitsu, MMA, Boxing

Let’s face it, finding the best home-training mats for you is not as easy as it sounds. For one, it needs to level your expectations in terms of size, thickness, weight, and of course, budget. With the different mats available in the store, it’s quite hard to decide for yourself, right?

Well, fret no more! We got you covered with these lists of home-training mats that will fulfill your idea of the best mat for your training. With these lists, we make sure to give you a high-quality product that is both cost-efficient and long-lasting.

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Venum Boxing Gloves: List of Product Reviews

Depending on your objective, picking the right venum boxing glove is important. Whether it’s for a competition bout, beginner training, kids sparring, or championship – there is a specific type of such that will perfectly match your goals.

One of the most highly-regarded brands of boxing gloves is the so-called Venum. And today, I will be reviewing their product lists for your own reference.

Here we have the list of Venum Boxing Gloves that you might like!

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