5 Exercises to Increase Punching Power at Home

Did you know that boxing matches are often won based on force and strength than technique and intelligence?

Yes, you read it right. This is why it is important to enhance your punching power. But throwing powerful punches on your opponents takes time and effort to practice. Even if you are not blessed naturally with immense punching power, you get to improve by practicing these 5 exercises which I have given in this article. 

5 Exercises To Improve Your Punching Power At Home

Shadow Boxing

increase punching power without equipment

Shadow boxing is the best exercise to increase your punching power at home without equipment in an easier manner. If you are a beginner, take the shadow boxing slowly and get the time to focus on your technique.

Once you get the flow of shadow boxing, you will execute the moves quickly. 

Also, practice shadow boxing for three rounds to improve your endurance. 

Amplify your shadow boxing training with the following tips:

  • Move around constantly and stay only in a fixed location when you are about to strike. 
  • To improve balance, keep practicing basic dodging and countering.
  • Keep focusing on switching up your footwork. 

Though many don’t feel like getting into shadow boxing, this exercise paves the way to increase your boxing power and also the ability to focus on technique and proper execution.

So to increase punching power at home, do shadow boxing, especially in front of the mirror, because you can pay close attention to your techniques and improve them. 

Plyometric Push-Ups

improving punching power and speed without equipment

Plyometric is an exercise type that involves the speed and force of different movements to build muscle power. The plyometric push-ups are the most underrated exercises that help increase your punching power. 

Here plyometric push-ups help improve the power and speed of body parts like arm, shoulder, and pectoral strength, which influences the punching power. So by practicing this exercise, you can increase your punching power. 

How To Do The Plyometric Push-Up Exercise?

Follow the below-given steps to do this,

First, get to your normal push-up position, and do the push-up as usual, but when you rise, explode up in a way your hands lift off the ground. 

While performing, ensure your core and glutes remain tight during the act.

Try to clap your hands in mid-air or against your chest after pushing off the floor. A slight variation added to the exercise builds your punching power. 

Heavy Bags

Exercises to increase punching power

There is no boxing training without the involvement of heavy bags. Heavy bags help you deliver the strongest punches. So if you want to get stronger punches, heavy punching bags are a great help. 

So how to practice with heavy bags to increase punching power?

Throw different punching combinations and hit the bag as hard as possible at 10 seconds intervals. The combos can include hooks, straights, and uppercuts. After this, do some light jabs and footwork for 10 to 15 seconds. This must be done before going for a hard combo for another 10 seconds. 

Practice this for three-minute rounds with 1-minute rest in between the rounds. 

Ensure that you pay close attention to each technique because each technique will help improve your punches with optimal force. 

You can also watch this 30 Minute heavy bag workout video where he shows different techniques to work out at home with a heavy bag to increase punching power.

Medicine Ball Throw

Medicine balls are preferred for boxing training to enhance the punching power.

I will suggest two ways to practice using it. 

Method 1

Lie flat on your back and pick up a heavy medicine ball. Now try to throw the ball using both your hands as high as you can(pushing forward from your chest). Catch the ball with both hands and keep repeating the process.

Method 2

Stand in your fighting stance with a medium-weight medicine ball. Using one hand, take the ball into your palm, push forward as hard as possible, and throw the ball against the wall. Or you can also have a partner catch the ball and throw it back to you.

Both these methods help in releasing high power from your punching muscle fibers. If you keep practicing these exercises soon, you will notice a big difference in your punching power. 


In general, chin-ups help improve the grip strength, posture, and appearance of your body and strengthen the muscles that stabilize the spine. This exercise is perfect for training your opposing muscles used for punching. You also get additional resistance while performing this one, which improves your punching power. 

Final Words

Now it’s a wrap. 

Remember, a strong punch you land on your opponent can turn the match in your favor. So having the potential to deliver them is vital. This article consists of different exercises that you must practice to improve your punching power. 

Multiple exercises can help you increase your punching power, I have picked some exercises that I have tried personally. Hope it helps. Thanks for scrolling through.