How to Use a Punching Bag: Beginners Guide

A punching bag exercise is perhaps the best type of activity for both mind and body. Utilizing a heavyweight punching bag can reduce your anxiety levels in a way that no other exercise can. 

In only a couple of training sessions, even beginners will see the way how physically transformative punching bag exercises can be. Your strength increases, and your entire body turns out to be more toned.

In this article, we’ll take a look into how beginner boxers can utilize a heavyweight punching bag to train and strengthen themselves. 

What Does a Beginner Boxer Need?

Following are the three fundamental items of boxing equipment required for beginners:

• Heavyweight punching bags

• Hand wraps

• Boxing gloves

Furthermore, comfortable, sweat-wicking exercise clothing is suggested. Anyhow, you don’t have to upgrade from your favorite sneakers at this time. High-top boxing shoes are extraordinarily great for added lower-leg support as you progress.

Punching Bag

Are Punching Bags a Good Workout?

Indeed! Working out with a punching bag is an extraordinary type of high-impact workout. You will strengthen and develop all muscles in your body, work on your coordination, and get rid of your stress and anxiety.

One of the key things that make boxing a powerful exercise is that not unlike some other types of physical activity, it is unbelievably engaging physically as well as mentally. 

Numerous different exercises leave individuals feeling like they should ‘suffer through it,’ making them ultimately give up on boxing.

With a punching bag, you could end up being so involved at the time that you don’t even understand how hard you are functioning with your body – however, you will see and feel the results and outcomes popping in. 

Utilizing a punching bag significantly elevates your workout experience by allowing you to recreate real-life fighting experiences.

Punching Bags a Good Workout

How to Use a Punching Bag for Beginners?

If you’re a boxing beginner, it’s ideal to take things at your speed and familiarize yourself with punching bag exercises with your routine steadily. You can begin with essential punches and afterward combine them and increase your exercise as you progress.

Basic boxing punches are jabs, crosses, left and right hooks, and left and right uppercuts. You can combine these punches to work on different areas of your body or to further develop your boxing strategies. 

The following are some simple punching bag exercises to kick you off.

Punching bag exercise 1

Start your warm-up with five minutes of skipping, followed by 20 squats, 20 push-ups, and 40 crunches. Then, at that point, continue with some shadowboxing:

• Fundamental jab, cross, and hook punches

• Rest for 30 seconds

• Repeat this four times

Beginners should follow this exercise for a three-minute round. 

Punching bag exercise 2

Warm up by running in the same spot for two minutes. Then, afterward, do 30 bouncing jacks and 30 air squats. Then follow the below-mentioned drill:

• Jab, cross, squat

• 45 seconds work, 15 seconds rest

• Repeat this five times

Common Questions Related to Boxing From Beginners

Involving a punching bag exercise in your workout routine is perhaps the most effective way to train your complete body. Beginners shouldn’t feel intimidated – here we’ll investigate the absolute most common inquiries from beginner boxers and fighters.

Is Hitting a Heavy Bag Bad for You?

With appropriate training and strategies, hitting a heavyweight punching bag is not bad for you. 

Since boxing is a full-body exercise that involves extreme cardio and strength training, beginners can expect to feel a few sore muscles. 

If you are simply exploring different punching bag training strategies at your home, utilizing common sense and keeping the basic rules in place should assist you with staying away from any major injury.

Should You Hit a Heavyweight Punching Bag Without Gloves?

Knuckle boxing can have a wide range of advantages, yet this is the kind of thing you need to work up to.

As a general rule, beginners should always utilize both – the wraps and boxing gloves while hitting the punching bag to safeguard hands and wrists during high-intensity boxing sessions. 

For How Long Should You Train on a Punching Bag?

It tends to be hard for beginners to check how long they should practice out on a punching bag, yet this generally comes down to the overall level of fitness, set of abilities, and maybe most importantly – level of inspiration.

Beginners must not overstretch themselves. More intense workout sessions ought to be of shorter time. 

Keep in mind, even five minutes on a heavyweight punching bag is incredible exercise.

Is It Ok to Hit the Punching Bag Every Day?

The answer to this completely relies to a great extent upon your degree of intensity of workouts as well as the power of your exercises.

Beginners are probably going to experience more soreness that will decrease over a longer period as the body becomes stronger. 

If you push yourself too hard when you are still in pain, you are more bounded to get harmed because your coordination is compromised. Overtraining can seriously hinder your progress and can adversely affect your general well-being.

Indeed, even as you become further developed, it is vital to change the intensity of your punching bag exercises to take into consideration muscle recovery.

How Hard Should You Hit a Heavyweight Punching Bag?

Until you have a strong grip on basic body positioning for punches and kicks, try not to hit the punching bag with your full power. It is prudent to first familiarize yourself with basic moves through ‘shadowboxing’ before taking it to the punching bag. 

When you become more comfortable, you can expect most punches to be around 50 – 70 percent of your full power during a normal exercise session. 

Keep in mind, there is so much more than beyond power behind each hit and kick. Speed, snap, and preciseness are additionally essential for boxing movements. 

Final Words

Getting fit is a great business for your body. If you are looking for decent exercise, working out with a punching bag has many advantages. You can work out your stress, relax after a difficult day at work, and you can even learn defensive techniques if you know how to hit the punching bag right.

I hope this article assisted you to understand more clearly how to utilize a punching bag if you are a beginner.