How to Fill a Punching Bag

Purchasing an empty punching bag is quite less expensive than getting one that is already been filled. Furthermore, it gives you more command over how heavy and dense your punching bag ought to be since you get to fill it yourself.

Filling a punching bag is easy, yet you must utilize the right materials and fill them up appropriately to protect you and your boxing bag.

In this article, we’ll provide a step-by-step guide on the best way to fill a punching bag all by yourself!

Read on to understand more about the choice of the right material and how to adjust the punching bag’s density as per your requirements.

What to Fill In a Punching Bag?

The primary thing that you want to purchase is an unfilled punching bag and a cover. The vital benefit of buying an empty boxing bag is that it empowers you to tweak the entire experience, select and change the weight, fit, and density of bags.

For instance, a boxing bag with a heavier weight filling can make it harder to hit and move. On the contrary, filling a bag with a lighter fill will give you the opposite experience.

If you decide to fill a punching bag by yourself, you can adjust the bag’s weight and density according to your necessities and to suit your striking needs. 

Below, we have highlighted two types of boxing bags based on the filling. Let’s find out about them. 

Filling for a Lightweight Boxing Bag

For a lightweight punching bag, materials like bigger clothes, including foam, fabrics, towels, old pieces of clothing, or fabric strips, are better. 

These sorts of materials give a softer and lighter density for preparing a boxing bag. This implies that the user experiences lesser power on their joints while striking the bag.

Filling for a Heavy Boxing Bag

If you need a heavy punching bag, you want to fill it with smaller and better fillings, for instance, sawdust and sand. 

To ensure that the weight of the bag isn’t much heavy, you can likewise stuff it with thinner fabric strips and clothing garments in the middle of the boxing bag.

Step-By-Step Instructions to Fill a Punching Bag

Stage 1: Choose a Filling

Consider how thick and dense you want your punching bag to be. If you need a lightweight bag, use pieces of clothing as your main filling. On the contrary, stuff sawdust or sand to make your punching bag heavier.

Stage 2: Prepare the Material for Filling

  • Remove any buttons, zips, and different pieces of metal from the garments you will utilize. This will avoid tearing your punching bag.
  • If you are utilizing sawdust or sand, don’t straightforwardly put the sawdust or the sand in the punching bag, as it will weaken the bag with time. All things considered, empty everything into resealable plastic bags, for example, sandwich plastic bags.
  • Wrap the packs of sand or sawdust with tape so they don’t tear. The tape will make the plastic bag filled with sand stronger and help it in offering more protection from your punches.

Stage 3: Fill the Bag

  1. Add the primary layer of punching bag filling to the bottom of the punching bag.

Whenever you have unzipped your boxing bag, drop some fabric strips into the punching bag. If you’re just utilizing clothing garments or fabrics, the lower part of the bag is filled. 

Assuming you are additionally utilizing sawdust or sand sacks, first, drop one of those and then, at that point, add clothing garments to fill in the base layer around it. Surrounding the sawdust or sand sacks with garments will shield the sand sacks from tearing.

  1. Eliminate the additional space utilizing a tool that is long and wide.

Utilizing a long instrument to stuff the filling, just like a baseball bat or a mop, eliminate the space from the punching bag and make the sack more uniform.

  1. Keep adding layers as you progress.

Begin adding more layers after adding the previous layer, if you are just utilizing fabric and clothing garments. However, if you are utilizing sawdust or sand, drop them into the center of your bag, and simply surround them with clothing garments or fabric strips.

  1. Zip your punching bag whenever you are finished filling it.

Ensure that you stuff the bag as far as possible, so there is no space left. If you struggle to zip the punching bag, you may have to pack more or eliminate the top layer.

Final Words

A sign of every boxing or martial arts arrangement is the punching bag. You can purchase heavy bags that come with pre-filled material however purchasing an empty punching bag and filling it yourself can be much cheaper.

Along these lines, you can stuff it with anything you desire, including fabric cut-outs, sand, sawdust, rice, and even make a water punching bag. Thus, if you know what do punching packs consist of, you can tweak yours effortlessly.