Best Boxing Headgear: For Competition & Sparring

Boxing is a tough-tough sport and requires immense strength and stubbornness to stay in the ring.

And with that said there is a high chance that you might break your nose while sparring.

So, you will be needing the best boxing headgear before going inside the ring.

In this article, we’ve mentioned the ten best boxing headgear in 2022.

Best Boxing Headgear in 2022

best boxing headgear

Title Classic Face Protector Headgear

The Title Classic Face Protector is lightweight and comfortable, yet fully protective and thus it is one of the best headgear for sparring.

This head guard for boxing is a great choice for athletes who want to spar or have possible contact. But also still protecting the face and nose from punches or contact.

It delivers the ultimate performance in comfort and protection. The high-density foam padding securely protects without fatigue. In addition, the thick PVC face and nose bar deflect punches and provide a stable glove target.

Plus, the exclusive full wrap-around foam padding keeps punches away from the face. This protects the face and nose while still allowing you to train closer.

This headgear features a super lightweight design that won’t inhibit athlete performance.

It adjusts at the top, back of the neck and under the chin to give you a customized fit. It ensures that it doesn’t slip and fall off when you need it the most.

Furthermore, the comfortable and smooth inside liner allows for easy cleaning after use.

That said, the PVC plastic material used for the face bar makes it difficult to wear and take off, as it isn’t meant to mold and conform to the wearer’s face.

  • High-density foam padding
  • Full wrap-around padding
  • Lightweight
  • PVC face and nose bar
  • Comfortable and smooth liner
  • Can be difficult to wear and take off

Venum Elite Iron Headgear

Protect yourself from your opponent’s blows with Venum Elite Iron Headgear. Made in Thailand, it is designed to fit snugly and keep you out of any unnecessary trouble.

This sparring headgear is made of quality materials that will offer you comfort, protection, durability, strength, and efficiency during intense workouts.

It’s equipped with high-density foam for optimum shock absorption and guaranteed safe and comfortable. It gives you the maximum absorption of impact while training.

It also has an extra bar across the face to add extra protection on the nose, mouth, and face to prevent injuries when taking hits and blows.

The gear has a lace closure system that allows you to tighten the headgear over the head for good support and a better fit. Simply place it tightly over the head for a secure fit that won’t slip or move while training.

In addition, a Velcro tightening strap at the back is included to help you get a comfortable fit each time.

The Venum Elite Iron Headgear is a high-quality headgear with superior protection and padding, but it can be very heavy for some users.

  • High-density foam
  • Extra face bar
  • Lace closure system
  • Velcro tightening strap
  • Provides superior protection
  • Can be heavy

Cleto Reyes Traditional Headgear

The headgear from the Cleto has a traditional three-point fit anatomically that is exceptionally perfect for the protection of the head and nose of the boxers while sparring.

The closure system of the headgear is a hoop and closure system for an excellent and customizable fit. The headgear also includes an adjustable chin strap as well as lace for the modifications at the top.

The front part of the headgear is exceptionally lightweight to prevent weighing down the head. The padding of the headgear with latex foam material elevates the level of protection offered by the headgear.

The foam padding does not interfere with the vision of the boxer. It also allows the boxer to have a complete view of their opponent in the ring.

Here, you’ll see the feature-packed Cleto Reyes headgear to help you know more about it.

The Cleto Headgear is hand-made from all-natural leather in Mexico and comes in a universal size that fits almost every other boxer.

  • All-natural material
  • Light-weight
  • Customizable fit
  • Latex foam padding
  • The leather smells too strong
  • Not quite protective

Fairtex HG14 Full Leather Headguard

The Fairtex HG14 comes with an exceptionally revolutionary and original design. The head guard protects the full face from the attacks during sparring along with offering the boxer excellent peripheral vision.

This is an excellent choice to practice in when one suffers from a nose injury or is recovering from nose surgery. It offers the maximum amount of security to the boxers. The headgear offers the boxers a wide view diagonally that jettisons the blind spots amazingly.

The mouth and nose are secured by a strengthened metal plate that is covered with foam of remarkable quality. The metal plate is designed using a steel frame internally to offer an exceptional level of protection to the nose, mouth, forehead, chin, and cheeks.

This video shows how the Fairted HG14 looks like.

There are multiple closure systems provided in this for excellent security for the boxers.

The top has a customizable lace-up; the chin has a strap hook and loop closure system and an adjustable padded hook and loop closure system on the back.

The foam used for the additional protection also includes several small holes in it. This allows the boxers to breathe properly through the head guard.

The secured padding in the chin and cheek area of the head guard allows the manufacturer to easily accommodate the metal plate. Additionally, it enhances the overall durability of the gear.

The manufacturer has also designed a windshield for additional protection of the ear along with the protection of the nose, mouth as well as the head. The head guard is made completely from original Thai leather.

  • Metal plate for additional protection
  • Full range vision
  • All-natural Thai leather
  • Customizable and adjustable fit
  • Small holes in the foam for breathability
  • Blocks lower field view
  • No interior padding
  • Breathability is not as expected

RDX Headgear

The headgear from RDX is specially manufactured using Maya hide leather that has exceptional quality with superior performance as well as sturdiness.

The face bar is extremely lightweight and compact and also resistant to wear and tear. The material makes it an excellent choice for boxers, kickboxers, and more.

The nose bar also includes tri-slabs foam padding. It prevents distraction from the impacts and helps to enhance the performance of the boxers in the ring.

This foam padding is included in the header bar to protect the boxer’s head. Moreover, it delivers the most extraordinary shock absorption.

The RDX headgear has SpongeX and DenZo Tron sheets that deliver additional opposition to impact and practically make it impregnable. This nature of the head guard allows it to strike out key forces with complete conviction.

The face bar of the head guard is completely padded. This prevents direct strikes to the face and keeps it to stay secured in place.

The headgear does not play with your vision and offers a distortion-free view to the boxers. The EZ Hook and loop chin strap with a lace-up system offer a quick, secure, and customizable fit. It helps the boxers to prevent slipping off of the guard while training.

  • Sturdy Maya leather
  • Light-weight and durable
  • Tri-slabs foam padding
  • SpongeX and DensZo Tron sheets
  • Distortion-free vision
  • Little bulky than expected
  • Blocked lower field of view
  • Quite tight

Fighting Leather No Contact Headgear

This headgear is manufactured from genuine and original 100% milled grain leather that is exceptionally durable and sturdy.

The foam padding included in the head guard is an exclusive F85R1 EVA from the sparring. It delivers powerful coverage and a customizable fit to the boxers.

The face bar of the head guard is manufactured from a completely molded PVC plastic that is surrounded by sponge foam. It delivers a comfortable as well as penetration-free obstruction.

The nose guard also offers full padded coverage to the ears. Furthermore, a chin strap made of leather with a steel buckle is employed along with hook and loop protection.

The back of the head is padded as well. It also includes professional lace tie protection on the top as well as the rear end. The headgear also provides the user with a liner made of emphasized screened leather that is extremely easy to clean.

Here’s a full video review of the headgear that talks about what it has to offer.

  • Metal late protects nose and mouth
  • Full range of vision
  • Adjustable lace on top
  • Chinstrap hook and loop closure
  • Cheek and chin padding
  • Made from 100% Thai leather
  • Padding rubs the face
  • Blocks lower field of view

Ringside Deluxe Face Saver Boxing Headgear

The boxing head gear from the Ringside has a unique and original construction that delivers quite a conspicuous framework.

This construction obstructs most of the impacts while offering a wide field of view. This head bar also includes a nose bar that protects the face from the punches hit directly on the face.

The manufacturer of this head guard has constricted the probable target area to keep the face, mouth, and chin of the boxer protected.

The rear closure system of the headgear is adjustable for a custom fit. It also includes a lace top for an additionally secured fit.

The head guard also offers a moisture-wicking liner that allows for keeping the boxer dry, comfortable, and cool while training.

The head and face of the headgear are constructed completely of resilient leather that includes a chin strap with a buckle.

The Ringside Deluxe Face Saver is one of the best boxing headgear with a nose bar available in the market. It delivers the finest protection to the boxer to allow them to focus on their form.

This is a video review that talks about all you need to know about this good headgear.

  • Prominent framework
  • Full range of vision
  • Adjustable closure
  • Moisture-wicking liner
  • Durable leather construction
  • Rubs the forehead raw
  • Smaller than expected

Why Nose Protection is Important in Boxing?

Boxing Headgear for Training

Nose protectors are an indispensable part of face to protect as one cannot deliver its best performance with an injured nose.

The headgear with a nose guard is quite a wise choice over open-face head bars with no nose protectors as this allows the boxers to focus on the game rather than be distracted by the fear of injuring the nose.

However, when you’re just boxing training with a standing punching bag, then there is no need to even wear headgear. The same thing happens when practicing with a body-shaped boxing dummy.

What Do You Need Nose Protection in Boxing Headgear?

Normal headgear will shield your lips, a portion of your forehead, and your face, among other things, but it will not protect your nose.

Many equipment suppliers recognized this, and a new headgear with a nose bar was launched.

boxing headgear for nose protection

The only thing that most people don’t like about it is that your vision suffers a little as compared to standard headgear.

If the nose bar does a decent job of shielding your nose, it would most likely be very bulky, obstructing your view. It’s always a good option for those who like protecting their noses.

How to Choose Boxing Headgear

best boxing headgear for sparring

Boxing is quite an intense sport that requires the person practicing to stay protected at all times to prevent serious injury.

The headgear is one of the most essential pieces of equipment for boxers to use along with boxing gloves. It is quite difficult to choose the right kind of protective equipment at one glance especially if you’re a beginner.

Thus it requires the player to research thoroughly before buying one as they are meant to protect one’s face and brain.

There are a few things one should consider before buying head guards and some of them are mentioned below.

Type of Head Guard

There are various options for heed gear in the market that are designed for different purposes but serve the one common purpose of protecting the head, face, and chin from impacts. The different head guards differ in the amount and area of coverage one provides as well as the use of padding.

There are two types of head guards and they are training headgear and Competition headgear.  The training headgear offers more protection than the competitive ones but is quite heavier than the latter.

You can use training headgear when you’re training with your partner using focus mitts, or when you’re helping someone to practice by wearing a boxing body protector.


sparring headgear

The fit is the most important aspect to consider while purchasing head gears even if you are looking for them online. One should try the head guard before purchasing and ensure that the gear cradles over the head rather than making one feel cramped. 

The boxers can even try their fellow player’s headgear to take a feel for them and look for their own comfort space.


They are used to offer the players a custom and secure fit to prevent the head guards from slipping off their heads. These fasteners come open while purchasing and are needed to be fastened according to the boxer’s comfort to keep them in place.

These fasteners should be strong as well as durable to deliver confidence and comfort to the boxers while training.

There are two types of closure systems; Velcro strap and lace-up that opens up at two places; the back of the head and below the chin. The two-closure system works amazingly and efficiently however for the most secured and protected fit one should rely upon the lace-up closure system.


The head guards can distort the field of view to some extent as they are meant to guard your face, head, and chin area. However, it can be avoided by considering head guards with less amount of padding.

Most of the boxers are asked to keep their chin down while sparring thus always ensuring have distortion-free peripheral vision in your extreme right as well as left.

It is suggested to try out all forms of headgear before finalizing one from the various options available to avoid confusion.


The lighter the weight of the head guards the more comfortable it feels to the boxers. However, one should not compromise the amount of protection by keeping the weight of the head guard the lowest.

Protection of the face and head is extremely important than the performance of the boxer as one wrong move can paralyze the whole life of the player.

It is always wise to consider a full-face head guard that comes along with a face bar as well as a nose protector to deliver an additional amount of protection to the boxers.

Final Words

We hope this article helps you to find the top ten headgears that are comfortable as well as allow you to work through your forms confidently without distracting you from getting hurt from the intense direct impacts.

If you have any more questions for us, leave us a comment below and we will get back to you soon with all the answers!

Happy boxing & stay safe!

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