20 Beautiful & Most Stunning Female Boxers in 2023

Did you know that boxing wasn’t always called boxing? It was once referred to as pugilism. Now as it has evolved, sports have grown their popularity to severe demographics.

So, are you interested in knowing the most beautiful and attractive female boxers in 2023?

Thanks to a significant influx of exceptional athletes, people’s fascination and enthusiasm for this ancient sport have grown over the years.

Professional boxing, which was primarily thought of as a male sport, has seen an increase in female participation from all over the world. Consequently, their abilities and beauty have received sufficient acclaim.

This article provides a thorough list of the 20 Stunning Female Boxers who never cease to wow us with their extraordinary skill set while captivating us with their charm.

Top Stunning Female Boxers in 2023

Ebanie Bridges

stunning female boxers of 2023
hottest female boxers in 2023
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Nicknamed the ‘Blonde Bomber’ due to her hair color, Ebanie is one of the many famous faces of pro boxing. 

Ebanie Bridges, who was born in Australia, has held the IBF female bantamweight title. In addition to being a fantastic fighter, she also has many extraordinary talents outside of the cage. She graduated first in her Master’s Program and speaks three languages.

Bridges have a successful track record in professional boxing and have also studied karate, kickboxing, and Muay Thai. She is a black belt in Karate too.

Yokasta Valle

Yokasta Valle hottest female boxer
Sexy female boxer

With a significant fan following on Instagram, Yokasta Valle is a Costa Rican professional boxer.

Valle, who started boxing at the age of 13 is a world champion in two weight divisions. She had previously won the IBF female junior mini flyweight title in 2016.

She has managed to hold the IBF female mini flyweight title for nearly 3 years now. 

With over 25 professional wins, Valle is also known for her beauty and charm outside the ring.

Yésica Bopp

Yésica Bopp most beautiful female boxer
beautiful and hot female boxers

Yésica Bopp is not just a pretty face, she is an Argentine professional boxer who is ranked as the world’s best active female light-flyweight by The Ring and BoxRec. She was crowned WBO women’s light flyweight champion in 2009. 

Bopp is one of the few female professional fighters with less than five defeats throughout her career. After thirteen successful defenses, she won the WBA interim women’s light flyweight title in 2008. 

She holds the WBA (Super) female light-flyweight title and is a two-division world champion.

Eva Wahlstrom

beautiful female boxers of all time
Eva Wahlstrom most beautiful female boxer

Eva Wahlstrom is Finland’s most successful female pro boxer. She is the first and only Finn to have taken home a world championship from one of the top four boxing governing organizations.

Despite having major health concerns, Eva has managed to make it to the professional boxing ring via sheer devotion and tenacity. 

She competed for Finland at the 2006 Women’s World Championships and earned a silver medal in the lightweight division as an amateur at the Women’s European Championships in 2004 and 2005. She also held the WBC women’s super-featherweight title for nearly 5 years.

Ana Julaton

sexiest female boxers in 2022
Ana Julaton, beautiful female boxer

Ana Julaton, the stunning American trailblazer, is the first woman to hold both the WBO and IBA Super Bantamweight titles.

Popularly known as “The Hurricane”, Ava lives up to her name by being agile inside the ring. She won silver at the San Francisco Golden Gloves on her amateur boxing debut in 2004.

She holds black belts in both Taekwondo and Bok Fu, an aggressive martial arts form that blends the Five Animals style of Kung Fu.

Lauryn Eagle

Lauryn Eagle hottest female boxers
Lauryn Eagle sexiest female boxers

Lauryn Eagle, former Miss Teen International 2004, is the complete package – stunningly beautiful and impressively skilled. Don’t miss the chance to see her in action.

Coming from a family of water skiers, Eagle is also proficient in Water Skiing. She started professional fighting in 2010 and won the vacant Australia female lightweight title beating Nadine Brown in 2013.

Eagle has also participated in the celebrity reality program “The Celebrity Apprentice Australia”. Additionally, she competed in various pageants and brought home several awards, including Most Photogenic and Miss Congeniality.

Mia St. John

sexiest boxers of all time
Mia St. John

Born in San Francisco, California, Mia St. John is the former World Council Boxing Champion. 

She began boxing and Taekwondo as a way to support her education, but as her enthusiasm for the sport increased, she decided to pursue it professionally. She defeated Angelica Villain in the first round of their 1997 fight in just 54 seconds, gaining the nickname “The Knockout.”

Additionally, St. John was featured in an 11-page pictorial and on the cover of Playboy magazine.

Avril Mathie

Avril Mathie most beautiful female boxer
most attractive female boxers

Female pro boxer Avril Mathie also moonlights as a fitness and swimsuit model.

She began boxing in late 2012, and within six months, she competed in her first amateur match. She started her professional career in 2017 and was discovered and signed by one of the biggest boxing management organizations in a short time after going pro.

Avril is best recognized for winning Miss Swimsuit USA International 2014, the greatest swimsuit pageant in the world.

Paige VanZant

female boxer on Only Fans
Paige VanZant stunning female boxer

Born in Oregon, Paige VanZant took no time to make her place in the fighting world. One of the most well-known influencers and UFC fighters, VanZant is the ideal blend of beauty and talent.

She usually starts the bout with aggressive grappling and then finishes it with punches. She uses a combination of clinch striking, dirty boxing, and ground & pound.

Her 3 million Instagram followers confirm her popularity and charm among netizens. She’s also made appearances on some well-known reality shows, including Chopped and Dancing With The Stars. 

Christina Hammer

most beautiful veteran female boxers
Christina Hammer female boxer

One of the most prominent boxers from Germany and the reigning middleweight World Champion, Christina “Lady” Hammer, started her professional career in 2009.

This 6-ft-tall boxer has one of the greatest bodies in the sport. She was introduced to boxing at the age of 13 when her uncles encouraged her to visit them in fighting clubs.

She values powerful females who have established their empires, such as Jennifer Lopez.

Mariana Juarez

Mariana Juarez stunning female boxer
sexiest girl boxers

Mariana Juarez is the “Barbie” of professional boxing thanks to her stunning appearance, efficient boxing technique, and speed. She is a former two-division world champion. 

In 1998, Juárez made her professional debut by defeating Virginia Esparza via second-round knockout (KO). She previously held the WBC female flyweight title for two years as well as the WBC female bantamweight title from 2017 to 2020. 

She was listed as the second-best female bantamweight in the world by The Ring and fifth by BoxRec.

Monica Henao

female boxer Monica Henao
Monica Henao hottest female boxer

Monica Henao, a Colombian beauty and pro boxer is another well-known fighter with a large social media following.

Born in 1987, Monica made her professional debut in 2016 by defeating Sara Marjanovic. She began in the division for lightweights.

Her admirers have given her the nickname “Intocable” in recognition of both her prowess in the ring and her stunning appearance outside of it.

She is pretty and has maintained a winning percentage of more than 80%, which is a fairly respectable record.

Zulina Munoz

Zulina Munoz strongest female boxer
Zulina Munoz hot female boxer

Mexico-born Zulina Guadalupe Munoz Grajeda is an extremely skilled boxer.

She held the WBC-NABF female bantamweight championship at the local level from 2006 to 2007. She also competed for the WBC female bantamweight title in 2008 and held the female super flyweight championship from 2012 to 2017. 

She ranks third in the world among other active female bantamweights by The Ring and fourth by BoxRec.

Nikki Adler

Nikki Adler became interested in Mixed Martial Arts at the age of 15. She immediately impressed the masses with her remarkable talent. 

Along with her amateur boxing career, she concentrated on academics and completed her education at Deutsche Post AG. She competed in both the German and Bavarian championships while also participating in the 2004 German boxing championship concurrently.

She started boxing professionally in 2010, and in May 2011 she knocked out Danijela Bickei to win the German championship.

Ava Knight

Ava Knight hottest female boxer
Ava Knight sexiest female boxer

Ava Michelle Knight-Salicka is a professional boxer from the United States.

Knight made her MMA debut in 2019 at Bellator 228 against Shannon Goughary. In the third round, she defeated her opponent through TKO. 

From 2011 to 2012, she held the IBF women’s flyweight belt, and she has contested world championships in 3 different weight categories. 

She is now ranked eighth by BoxRec and fourth by The Ring as the best active female flyweight in the world.

Cecilia Braekhus

Cecilia Braekhus sexy female boxer
most stunning female boxer

Cecilia Carmen Linda Braekhus is a former kickboxer and professional boxer from Norway. She is the first female in any weight class to simultaneously hold the WBA, WBC, IBF, and WBO titles.

She began fighting in amateur boxing events at a young age and amassed an amateur record of 75-5-0 before going professional. 

She defeated Danish boxer Vinni Skovgaard in 2009 to become the welterweight WBC World Champion. She also won the vacant WBA women’s welterweight title.

Cecilia received three recognitions from Guinness World Records in 2018, one of which was the title of longest-reigning female boxing champion.

Shannon Courtney

Shannon Courtney veteran female boxer
beautiful female boxer Shannon Courtney

Shannon Courtenay, often known as “The BabyFace Assassin,” is the embodiment of cuteness and tenacity. She is a professional boxer from the United Kingdom who claimed the WBA female bantamweight title in 2021.

In her first fight as a professional, Courtney defeated Cristina Busuioc via a four-round points decision.

She is still in the early stages of her career but based on her recent numbers, we may anticipate great things from her.

Tina Rupprecht

sexy looking female boxer
most beautiful boxer Tina Rupprecht

In the world’s top three female mini-flyweights, Tina Rupprecht is a German professional boxer who is admired for her incredible skill set. 

Tina began kickboxing training with her childhood boyfriend at the age of 12. Eventually, at the age of 14, she decided to transition to boxing. 

She won her first match as a professional with a technical knockout barely 50 seconds into the first round. She won her second and third matches similarly, with a very strong technical bout.

Tina defeated Yokasta Valle by a unanimous vote to become the WBC world champion.

Hollie Dunaway

Hollie Dunaway sexy female boxer
most attractive female boxer Hollie Dunaway

Hollie Dunaway is one of the many successful and attractive professional fighters despite having no amateur professional boxing background. In her career, Dunaway has competed in all 4 weight divisions and has achieved over 20 victories.

Nicknamed “Hot Stuff” by her fans, she has held the IBA female mini flyweight title for nearly 2 years. 

Dunaway went up to flyweight and defeated Sharon Gaines in a unanimous decision to win the flyweight championship of the North American Boxing Federation.

Marlen Esparza

Marlen Esparza female boxer
Marlen Esparza sexiest female boxer

Marlen Esparza is an inspiration to any young girl who aspires to be a professional boxer and achieve something for her nation.

She was the first American woman to qualify for the Olympics when women’s boxing was announced as an Olympic sport for the first time. She later won a bronze medal in women’s flyweight in the 2012 London Olympics.

She is not just a pretty professional boxer, but also a model and has collaborated with PETA to work for abused animals.

Final Words

In recent years, there has been a notable increase in the level of interest that fans have shown toward female boxers who are considered to possess an appealing physical attractiveness.

The recognition of these extraordinary women demonstrates how far society has come in embracing women in all sports.

This transition instills a lot of hope and optimism in every young girl who aspires to be a professional boxer.