The Best UFC Commentators: The Voices of the Octagon

If the UFC Fighters are considered to be the “Fist of the Octagon,” then surely the UFC Commentators are the “Voice of the Octagon.” With their analytical yet colorful comments, the game automatically becomes more interesting. Don’t you think so?

Now, imagine a UFC fight without those witty anecdotes and light humor, it would all be too boring right? The fight can get pretty intense, too.

In line with that, we are going to tackle the best UFC commentators that have ever graced the octagon. Or should I say, let’s talk about the voices that echoed in between strikes.

The top UFC commentators

Michael Bisping

Now, I know what you’re thinking. You must’ve been expecting Joe Rogan to be first one on this list. However, Michael ‘The Count’ Bisping is also deserving of this spot.

Michael Bisping is a 42-year-old sport analyst from Nicosia, Cyprus. He was also a UFC Middleweight title holder before. But later on, he ventured for a slightly different role in the same industry.

With his eloquence and quick-wit, he easily owned the microphone as if he has been practicing with it all his life.

To be frank, he was widely known for his trash talking abilities more than his fighting capacity. But thanks to that, he earned a good reputation in entertaining commentary roles.

In my opinion, I think that what really sets him apart from the rest of commentators is his honesty as a person. He was never known as someone who played it safe during the shows.

In fact, he always speaks his mind in the funniest way possible. He always delivers the most unexpected comments, and says anything out loud without any hesitation or whatsoever. Wow, right?

Who could ever forget his commentary during the Stephens Vs Rodriquez fight? As the fans started getting all worked up, he stood from his desk and started throwing a backlash to the live audience. How courageous, I must say.

All in all, he has a natural ability to be quick-witted all the while conveying his knowledge of UFC fighting. So, what’s there not to love?

Ranking the best UFC commentators

Joe Rogan

Of course, the long-time favorite commentator of the crowd has to take his spot. The one who pioneered UFC commentary since 1997. Needless to say, he is a seasoned sports analyst.

Joseph James Rogan, popularly known as Joe Rogan, is a 54-year-old color commentator from New Jersey, United States. He started his career as a comedian in the Boston area.

However, he later became more known for his MMA affiliation. Hence, it started his wonderful and revolutionary career as commentator. Sure, his comedic skills weren’t put into waste at all.

With his voice alone, the entertainment glows on all sides of the octagon. His way of projecting a dramatic twist in every fight has become one of his noteworthy features as a commentator.

Aside from all the funny stunts, he is also not a slacker when it comes to MMA knowledge as he has been an avid martial arts trainee himself. As a result, he is well-respected when it comes to opinions about MMA

Lastly, I think he is one of the few commentators in the industry who really takes time to engage with the audience. With that, his fan base grew even more.

Daniel Cormier

The next that we have here is no other than Daniel Cormier. And perhaps, you know him as the one of greatest MMA fighters of all time. But guess what, he is a well-rounded commentator as well!

Daniel Cormier is a 42-year-old sport analyst from Louisiana, United States. What you need to know about him is that he was first a US Olympic wrestler before anything else. Later on, he became the titleholder for the Strikeforce Heavyweight category.

As he signed up for UFC, he garnered two championships right away: one is the UFC Light Heavyweight belt and the other is for the Heavyweight category.

With his well-spoken façade and confidence, he easily dived into the realms of sport commentary. Plus, he has such a funny side too.

Aside from his humor, he can also offer an insightful comment for the rest of the MMA audience to hear. Now, this is gold. Imagine laughing while learning at the same time. It sounds like a dream, right?

One of his iconic lines down the history of MMA is, “Thug Rose! Thug Rose!” And this incident, as you might’ve guessed it, earned him a lot of respect and admiration. He chanted those words repeatedly to support Rose Manajunas as she ended up being the Women’s Strawweight Champion.

He surely has the ability to humor us in the midst of a hectic fight. So, you wouldn’t doubt why he was here on this list, right?

Jon Anik

Off we go to this next UFC commentator who has also graced the octagon. Let’s call him by the name Jon Anik, one of the most noteworthy commentators there is.

Jon Anik is a 43-year-old sport analyst from Massachusetts, United States. He started his career as a TV anchor of an American cable sport called ESPN.  

The gloomy news of Mike Goldberg’s retirement from the UFC opened a pleasing opportunity for him to take over as the main commentator of UFC PPV events.

With regards to his work ethics, he is a very strategic commentator who gives off reliable and analytical comments every now and then. He isn’t necessarily the funniest, but his energy is over the top.

One of the most notable traits that he has is his ability to focus on his work. With that, he is surely a passionate yet entertaining commentator in the industry.

Paul Felder

Here we have Paul Felder on the list. And him being dabbed as one the best commentators isn’t that much of a surprise, am I right?

Paul Felder is a 37-year-old color commentator from Pennsylvania, United States. He started his career by competing in the UFC Lightweight Division and Cage Fury Fighting Championship.

As a commentator, he is funny and quick-witted. This is very evident with how excited and eager the fans are when he is the one holding the mic.

He has a natural personality for speaking and entertaining people amidst a disastrous scene of punches and strikes.

Although his reputation is badly tarnished with his emotional encounter with Dan Hooker, he remains to be a fan favorite.

For one, it’s admirable how he ever-so-often joins the commentary team when he has free time. This is especially hard on his part since he’s busy training for another Octagon fight of his life.

Felder brings this energy to his commentating role which makes him popular among the UFC audience. Being a fighter himself, his insight is usually impeccable, as you’d expect. He’s not been doing the job for that long (especially compared to some of the veterans on this list) so that’s why he comes in at number 5 on this list of best UFC commentators.

Dan Hardy

The last person to complete our list is no other than Dan Hardy. And definitely, he is last but not the least.

Dan Hardy is a 39-year-old sport commentator from Nottingham, England. In 2004, he began his career as a professional MMA fighter. In fact, he went through a lot of cage fights in the Cage Force and Cage Warriors.

Later on, he signed up for UFC as a fighter and competed in the welterweight division. His career as a sport analyst only began when he got into the YouTube show called “Inside the Octagon.”

Basically, it works just like any other commentary shows but it is only managed by two people: Dan Hardy and John Gooden. With their platform, they are able to convey an in-depth analysis and well-elaborated preview of UFC’s future fights.

As for Dan Hardy, he gives most of the key fight analysis during the show. With that, we can really say that he is very attentive to details and has a sense for fighter tactics.  Plus, he doesn’t just say his analysis out of nowhere, he summarizes them one-by-one as if teaching a lesson to a student.

What’s refreshing about him is that he doesn’t hesitate to convey his emotions. For instance, if something astonishing has occurred during the fight, expect to hear a massive interjection from him. Especially when a fighter gets knocked out or dropped.

With his personality, he gets compared with Joe Rogan a lot due to the similarities in their working patterns. But really, he is a unique commentator and is more than just a Joe Rogan clone.

And personally, I think his chemistry with John Gooden is also good. Hence, he was able to work and comment more effectively.

Final Words

The work of a commentator is not all talk and no work. Honestly, it’s a combination of a person’s personality, intellect, and presentation of his/her ideas.

In the world of UFC, a good commentator makes all the difference for a fight to be eye-catching or exciting. Even when it entails a lot of fighting and kicking.

At the end of this article, I hope I have given you a good list of UFC commentators so far. And altogether, let us commend the voices of the octagon who have humored us through their microphones. 

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